CRAZY: Look who Russia supposedly HACKED now…

So it seems the “cool,” “hip,” thing to do these days — you know, what all the kids are doing — is to find something that seems off, and creatively concoct a way to blame Russia for it.

Russia is apparently at fault, according to liberals, for the loss of Hillary Clinton last November. Surely, it had nothing to do with being a shrill, out-of-touch, compulsive liar or anything.

Of course, Russia has been accused of colluding with Donald Trump, and vice versa.

Well, now Russia is being blamed for Brexit too. Seriously.

According to Vanity Fair, In yet another confounding twist in the turbulent relations between Russia and the West, a committee of British members of Parliament has suggested that foreign governments such as China and Russia might have intervened in last June’s Brexit referendum. After a voter registration site crashed on June 7, the U.K. government and electoral administrators blamed a spike of users for the technical failing. Following a televised debate, 525,000 people applied to register to vote on that day alone. David Cameron promptly extended the deadline by 48 hours but, despite his response, it has been suggested that thousands of people could have been left unable to vote.

The claims, published Wednesday in a comically-titled report named “Lessons learned from the EU Referendum,” said there were indications that botnets had been used to overwhelm the site. “The crash had indications of being a DDOS ‘attack’. We understand that this is very common and easy to do with botnets,” reads the report. It goes on to question Cameron’s “questionable” motives for calling a referendum in the first place, encouraging future governments to think carefully about offering nationwide votes on certain issues. “There was no proper planning for a Leave vote so the EU referendum opened up much new controversy and left the prime minister’s credibility destroyed,” it says, starkly highlighting the fundamental Lesson to be Learned from the E.U. referendum.

Following the British foreign secretary Boris Johnson’s meeting with G7 ministers to attempt to concoct a collective response to Russia’s support of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, the report has come at a particularly weighted time, and is yet another example of Russia’s lubricious, perplexing activities on the international circuit. Trump’s team and their British allies are accused of inappropriate levels of intimacy with Russia, but are simultaneously involved in a series of Cold War-style stand-offs. As Americans and Europeans alike grapple with understanding the scope and shape of Russia’ international influence, their Embassy in London continue to fire of volleys of cheerful tweets that slip, neatly, into the millennial vernacular. Their tactic seems so brashly obvious that it’s almost laughable but, then, so does Trump’s, and so does Farage’s, and that hasn’t prevented them from wielding power.

Will the madness ever end? Ever? Russia had nothing to do with the exodus of the Brits from the European Union.

If you want to know what happened there, just look at the awful immigration laws — or lack thereof — that allowed radical Islamic terrorists to get into the country and wreak havoc through deadly attacks that spilled blood across the country.

Maybe, just maybe, Britain didn’t want to see more of its citizens murdered in cold blood by religious zealots? Seems kind of legit, doesn’t it?

But no. It was Russia. Heck, this is all getting so crazy pretty soon we’ll hear Russia hacked the Academy Awards and that’s why the wrong Best Picture winner was announced.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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