MTV makes an ASTONISHING change to award show…

Whenever a bunch of liberals in the entertainment industry get together, you can almost guarantee some sort of insanity is about to come flooding across the cultural landscape.

There’s a big push these days, aside from transgender issues, to erase the line that exists between men and women.

MTV — which should really change its name since they don’t really do much with music these days — has decided to enter the fray by getting rid of gender specific categories at the upcoming movie and television awards.

This is truly worthy of an eye roll.

Fox News is reporting:

Instead of the Best Actress and Best Actor categories, this year’s awards will honor a non-gendered Best Actor in a Movie and Best Actor in a Show.

MTV’s move comes after the Grammy Awards’ decision in 2011 to dump gender distinctions between male and female singers, collaborations and groups.

MTV’s May ceremony will also include a nod to social activism by renaming its Best Fight category to Best Fight the System.

The way liberalism seems to work, you’d think there was something wrong with being distinctly female and distinctly male.

Aren’t leftists supposed to be about individuality and embracing who you are? If that’s the case, why is there so much shame in women being labeled women, and men being called men?

Why do progressives want everyone to blandly be the same?

Women typically play different kinds of characters in film than men do, and as a result, it makes sense for them to compete against one another.

It’s not sexism, it’s simply embracing the differences between dudes and ladies. And those differences are beautiful.

Society can try as hard as it wants to erase the distinctions between men and women, but they will forever exist. When those differences are celebrated, and both sexes — yes, there are only two — respected, culture functions much better.

The key is getting liberals to understand that. Sadly, there isn’t an award for that…

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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