PC alert: Lefty tweets INSANE complaint about Syrian missile

Surprisingly, it’s mainly been Donald Trump’s supporters who’ve been criticizing his recent decision to authorize a strike on a Syrian airfield in retaliation for the Assad regime allegedly using chemical weapons against his own people, and liberals praising the intervention. Hillary Clinton had called for bombing Syrian airfields just hours before Trump actually did.

Prior to the chemical attack, Trump had publicly been against intervention in Syria.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there weren’t liberals who found the strike problematic — and there were plenty of reasons why we could expect them to complain. They could’ve argued that the intervention wasn’t justified given that the Assad regime doesn’t post a threat to our national security. They could’ve argued that since ISIS is the second largest holder of territory in Syria next to the Assad regime, any attacks against Syria’s government indirectly help ISIS. Or maybe they could make a fiscally conservative argument, that it was a waste of the 59 Tomahawk missiles used in the strike (which cost a hefty $1.59 million each).

But for the social justice warriors on the left, there was a far greater problem, as the Daily Wire documented:

The editor of a liberal magazine says the use of the word “tomahawk” (as in “Tomahawk” missile) is offensive to American Indians.


Clara Jeffery, editor of Mother Jones, suggested on Saturday that American Indians are likely offended by the name of the missiles President Trump launched this week in a strike of Syria.

“That the missiles are called tomahawks must enrage a lot of Native Americans,” she tweeted on Saturday.

Twitter users let her have it.

The only people actually enraged over this are people like Clara Jeffery, looking for reasons to be enraged. Native Americans probably find the “Tomahawk” name about as offensive as they find the name of the Washington Redskins — they don’t.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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