Just released: STUNNING 2016 election map has a LOT of people VERY worried…

As you no doubt recall, Donald Trump’s victory last November ignited a firestorm of anguish and outrage among liberals (and some establishment Republicans) that continues to this day.

We’ve watched an endless parade of protests, investigations and threats of impeachment. Listening to the mainstream media, you’d think the nation was aflame with anti-Trump sentiment which will be vindicated in 2018 and beyond.

But you’d be wrong.

An incredibly in-depth, precinct-by-precinct view of voting in the 2016 election shows Democrats should be very, very afraid of their future prospects.


Per IJ Review, Ryne Rohla at Decision Desk HQ created the map because Election results show so much more than simply who won and lost a constitutionally-legitimized popularity contest. Election results lay bare the souls of its voters, translating millions of individual hopes, dreams, fears, aspirations, and biases into tangible, observable quantities. No census or survey can truly capture that singular moment of personal truth which occurs in the ballot box.

It’s a “personal truth” which more and more people have been embracing over time.

As we reported recently, Obama’s first midterm election (2010) was disastrous for Democrats. With the birth of the Tea Party movement, Republicans gained 63 seats in the House, the largest midterm seat change since 1938, and six Senate seats. That year, Republicans gained a record pickup of 680 seats in state legislative races giving Rs control of 26 state legislatures and dropping Ds to just 15 of 50. Republicans also took 11 governorships from the Democrats for a total of 29. Fifty-four incumbents lost re-election bids that year, 52 were Democrats.

Next, 2014. Up for grabs, all 435 House seats, 36 Senate seats, 38 governorships, 46 state legislatures. Though it didn’t seem possible, Democrat defeats in 2010 were dwarfed. Republicans gained control of the U.S. Senate for the first time since 2006, increased an already commanding majority in the House and gained two more governorships.

Things got much worse for Democrats. 2014 saw a sweeping in of the largest Republican majority in nearly a century, 54 seats in the Senate, 247 in the House, 31 governorships, and 68 state legislative chambers. Republicans gained their largest majority in Congress and largest majority of state legislatures since 1928. State legislative elections were worse. After the 2014 election the number of Republican-controlled state senates and assemblies rose to 68, the highest number in Republican hands since 1928. The smallest number in Democrat control since 1860.

And then came Tuesday night, November 8, 2016 – when Obama finally finished off his party. Not only did Republicans win the presidency and the vice presidency, not only did Republicans retain control of the Senate and of the House, Republicans actually flipped three more governor’s seats. Rs now have the most number of Republican governors since 1922!

We never thought we’d say this, but God bless Barack Obama!

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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