Breaking: ANOTHER key White House advisor OUT…

Michael Flynn resigned from his position as National Security Adviser, Andrew Puzner dropped out of his nomination for Labor Secretary, Monic Crowley turned down the opportunity to serve as Trump’s senior director of strategic communications at the National Security Council (NSC), Steve Bannon was removed from the NSC – and now, the administration’s latest shakeup.

Fox News contributor K.T. McFarland had been appointed as Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor, but will only be holding the position for another two weeks, as The Hill is reporting that she’s just been ousted.

McFarland will become the U.S. ambassador to Singapore, less than three months after beginning her role at the National Security Council, Bloomberg first reported on Sunday.

McFarland will stay on for just two more weeks.

McFarland was a national security analyst for Fox News and worked under three Republican administrations before she was tapped for the role as Trump’s deputy national security adviser.

The New York Times reported in February that McFarland was expected to leave her role following the resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn. But McFarland told The Hill that she would stay in the Trump administration, at the request of the president. “I just met with the president and he asked that I stay on. I’m thrilled to do so,” she said in February.

What explains this shakeup? Despite all the attempts at theorizing what explains the switch (some are speculating that McFarland’s opposition to U.S. involvement in the Syrian Civil War is to blame for her departure), this was decided in February after Flynn stepped down (as Flynn was responsible for hiring McFarland). It was only a matter of time before her time was up, and that day turned out to be today.

After her departure from the NSC, McFarland will serve as Ambassador to Singapore instead.

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