Can you spot why liberals are LOSING their MINDS over this ad?

It does seem as though insanity has become the new normal in our culture – particularly after Donald Trump’s election.

The hysteria from the left has gotten so bad we here at sometimes look at crazy stories of snowflakes on university campuses or some new social justice assignment students are being forced to do at school and think “where’s the surprise in this?”

Recently Skittles candy decided to introduce special packaging to appeal to the LGBT community. The point was to say the “rainbow” doesn’t belong to anyone but gay people, so they took the iconic rainbow off the package and the candy and made everything white instead.

EPIC fail.

Skittles was immediately attacked for being “racist” – because it was white. PETA recently went after MILK for being racist because it’s white as well – a theme that’s been oft-repeated over the past few months.

So yet another well-meaning brand has stepped in it big time for mentioning anything about “white” being good and pure.

Nivea was forced to pull this ad touting the invisible properties of its deodorant because people found the “white is purity” line offensive.

nivea ad

Per the Los Angeles Times, The ad, which appeared in a Facebook post last week, originally targeted the German skin care company’s followers in the Middle East. It was intended to promote Nivea’s “Invisible for Black and White” deodorant and depicted the back of a woman’s head with long, wavy, dark hair that tumbled over an all-white outfit.

Underneath the woman’s locks was the slogan in all caps: “WHITE IS PURITY.”

The caption on Nivea’s Facebook post read: “Keep it clean, keep bright. Don’t let anything ruin it, #Invisible.”

Predictably, Twitter erupted.

Seriously though, it’s getting to be so ridiculous you’ll probably hear people say the sky is mostly racist because clouds are white. Winter will be declared racist because snow is white. Well, heck, the song “White Christmas” should probably be banned forevermore since it mentions Christmas AND white. Nobody will want a “white wedding” anymore. And woe betide you if you have white sheets on your bed!

Gee, how does “White Castle” still manage to sell hamburgers?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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