Who’s plotting a COUP?

Leftists tend to let their passions flow freely on a lot of nutty subjects. Like letting men in dresses use the ladies room, for example.

This has been especially true since Donald Trump was elected president, an event that seems to have triggered massive amounts of insanity to ooze from the pores of every leftist in the bunch.

From violent protests on the street, to crazy feminists parading around naked wearing obscenely named hats, we’ve seen liberals do all sorts of things to oppose the new president and his agenda.

However, what a Manhattan bar is doing to stick the screws to Trump is taking the tantrums to a whole new level.

According to the NY Times:

Something came over Ravi DeRossi in early November. “For the few weeks after the election, I couldn’t get out of bed,” he said. “It was all I could do to read the news.”

So, to snap himself out of it, he did what he does best: open a bar.

Mr. DeRossi, 42, is the owner or co-owner of several hip cocktail bars in New York City, including Amor y Amargo, Cienfuegos, Death & Co., Mayahuel and Mother of Pearl. His latest, Coup, is scheduled to open on April 14 near Astor Place.

The name is not a twist on coupe, as one might guess, given Mr. DeRossi’s cocktail connections. It’s just Coup, as in “d’état.” Mr. DeRossi intends to use the bar to convert his political paralysis into liquid action.

“One-hundred percent of the profits are going to organizations that are either being defunded by the current administration or need money to fight the current administration, like Planned Parenthood and the A.C.L.U.,” he said.

The bar’s message will be unmistakable: Mr. DeRossi has commissioned artists to recreate some of the more clever signs that protesters have been brandishing at anti-Trump rallies and marches over the past few months. At Coup, they will become décor.

Coup won’t be the first bar opened in protest of President Trump. During the week before the election and the week of the inauguration, Barrel, a saloon in Washington, converted its basement into a jokey, for-profit Trump-themed pop-up, with drinks like the Moscow Mole. Bar Ilegal, another Washington pop-up, sponsored by Ilegal Mezcal, ran for a week before the election, with all profits going to Niños de Guatemala, a school for underprivileged children in that country.

Will these people ever grow up and just get over it? Likely not any time soon.

Pairing a bar with funding groups like Planned Parenthood seems logical after their chianti-sipping execs were filmed casually discussing the harvesting of baby parts.

Just imagine what it would be like if taxpayers weren’t being forced to pay for abortions they don’t agree with and this organization had to get their funds the old fashioned way?

Let’s hope these efforts fail miserably. Sadly, there are probably enough brain dead liberals in the area to make it a success.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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