I think he’s made a SERIOUS misstep…

There are times when you can learn more from what you’re not hearing than what you are. I know folks make promises during campaigns, but the aftermath, once they achieve the office, is very telling. For instance, one should never base ensuing national security strategy on campaign promises.

When that happens, as with Barack Obama, you make the fateful decision of withdrawing troops as part of an ideological, not reality based, platform. However, I am becoming quite concerned about a certain line of campaign rhetoric from President Donald Trump, that I’m not hearing now…and perhaps there’s a reason why?

President Trump made grand protestations about the Iranian nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). He constantly derided President Obama as a horrible dealmaker, and that the Iranian deal is bad, or using his favorite word, a disaster. Now that he’s president himself, how often have we heard Mr. Trump address the JCPOA, which is not a treaty, but an executive agreement?

Well as they always say, follow the money…

Associated Press reports, “Boeing Co. has signed a $3 billion deal with an Iranian airline for 30 new aircraft, officials said Tuesday, in the first major sale by a U.S. company in the Islamic Republic since the Trump administration imposed new sanctions against Tehran.

The deal for the 30 737 MAX aircraft, which includes an option for another 30, could force Trump to choose between two major campaign promises: Taking a harder line against Iran or defending American manufacturing jobs.

The new agreement comes on top of the $16.6 billion sale Boeing previously made in Iran following the landmark nuclear deal struck under the Obama administration.

President Donald Trump long has criticized the atomic deal, though he toured a Boeing plant in February and touted the firm’s work as proof of a coming American manufacturing renaissance.”

On the one hand, there’s the attraction of jobs and export orders for American goods. On the other hand, of course, they were elected partly on the promise of getting tough on Iran,” said Richard Aboulafia, an aircraft analyst and vice president of analysis at the Virginia-based Teal Group. “They’ll have to make tough decisions.”

Chicago-based Boeing struck the deal with Iran’s Aseman Airlines, a firm owned by Iran’s civil service pension foundation. Aseman, Iran’s third-largest airline by fleet, flies domestic and international routes. Aseman spokesman Amir Reza Mostafavi told The Associated Press that the deal came following several round of talks with Boeing over the past year. He said the firms signed the deal March 18 and the first aircraft will be delivered in 2019.

The new Boeing deal was made possible by the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and world powers. Boeing struck a December deal with Iran Air, the country’s flagship carrier, for 80 passenger planes worth $16.6 billion. Iran Air also will lease 29 new Boeing 737s.”

I do also find it interesting that there are some former Boeing executives being nominated by the Trump administration to senior leadership positions in the department of defense.

Look, I’m all about the free market, but ask yourself, would we have ever consented to having an American aircraft manufacturing company build and provide aircraft and parts to a growing Nazi Germany war machine in the early days of 1930? After all, when it comes to tough decisions, one of the reasons Imperial Japan became angry with the United States was President Roosevelt’s decision to cut off supplying raw materials, such as iron, and resources such as oil to the country, as its intentions became evident. That is what leaders are called to do; make the tough decisions and convey them to the American people.

Just ask yourself, how will Boeing feel if one day — and this is not hyperbole — if their aircraft are used to transport the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the Quds Force, or worse, Hezbollah in support of expanding regional hegemonic aspirations of the Islamist Iranian regime?

Is it really worth a dollar to do business with the devil, and not seek better business deals with countries that share our values? Just remember, Iran, and its Islamic terrorist proxies, support Bashar Assad, the Syrian leader who it certainly appears just used chemical weapons against his own people, including children.

Is this the type of abhorrent behavior with which Boeing wants to be associated? I truly believe that we in America can produce, manufacture, and sell our superior aircraft to those with whom we can fundamentally align — not with a nation like Iran with massive amounts of American blood on its hands.

And I must also ask, what part did the Export-Import Bank, a prime example of crony capitalism, play in this business endeavor? I mean, if we’re to find that any U.S. taxpayer dollars were used to sweeten this deal with Iran, we should all be enraged. This is no worse than the Obama administration funneling billions of dollars to Iran. Mind you, this is the same Iran harassing our U.S. naval vessels in the Persian Gulf.

I find it very disconcerting that we don’t hear any rhetoric from President Trump about the Iranian deal anymore. Sadly, it is telling, and there’s even word that some in the Trump administration are recommending President Trump come out and accept the Iranian nuclear agreement…that would prove to be an immense foreign policy flip-flop. It would also hint to these despotic leaders across the globe that President Trump is all talk.

Yes, I voted for Donald J. Trump, and glad that I did because the alternative was unpalatable. However, I will hold anyone accountable, and this lack of commitment to negate the Obama executive agreement with Iran causes me concern. Heck, I guess young Jared Kushner will be flying to Tehran soon, as this may be added to his portfolio.

Ya know, something else I’m not hearing? A declaration of the Muslim Brotherhood as an Islamic terrorist organization. That can be done by simple executive order — doggone, several Sunni Gulf Cooperation Council Nations have done so. And that would have been a perfect thing to do with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during his visit this week. After all, that action, not words, would have spoken volumes, and given great confidence and boost to former General al-Sisi’s efforts to eradicate that scourge in his country, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hmm, so far the art of the deal is just a very bad painting.

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