BREAKING: Has Obamacare officially collapsed?

For years conservatives have tried telling the nation’s teeming mass of liberals that the idea of government in health care is doomed to fail.

That prediction is finally coming to pass as one city in the country is about to be the first to see the collapse of the disaster known as Obamacare.

Of course, this collapse was all part of Obama’s plan from the get go, wasn’t it?

The Daily Caller reports:

Knoxville, Tenn., could be the first city in the U.S. where Obamacare completely collapses, leaving tens of thousands of people without the option to buy a subsidized insurance policy.

Humana, the city’s only remaining insurance provider on its Obamacare exchange, announced it is exiting the market in 2018. If that happens, Knoxville citizens will be in a rough spot. Unless another insurance provider fills Humana’s place, some 40,000 people in the Knoxville area will likely be left without the option to purchase an Obamacare-subsidized insurance policy, CNN reports.

Knoxville is illustrative of one of the main problems with Obamacare: It doesn’t promote market-based competition. Insurers pull out of marketplaces where it is not cost-efficient for them to provide services, and, as a result, consumers are left with fewer options at higher prices.

Tennessee is one of the largest casualties of the current health care system. Three insurers have pulled out of the state entirely, the state’s co-op failed and premiums continue to skyrocket annually by double-digits. Tennessee’s health commissioner has all but given up, describing the state’s health care system as “very near collapse.”

As it stands, insurance providers have until July 1 to let state authorities know what plans they will provide, if any, on the exchanges in 2018. State officials expect a formal announcement from providers within two months.

Knoxville citizens would still have the option of purchasing insurance on the private marketplace. Without the Obamacare subsidy to purchase insurance, it is unclear how many consumers would choose to participate in the private insurance market.

Obamacare was designed by the former president and his radical leftist cohorts to purposefully overload our current system so it would burden folks, collapse, and thereby make the switch to a full single-payer system easier to swallow for the average American.

With the cost of health care skyrocketing — largely due to the Affordable Care Act itself — it’s more important than ever to repeal this garbage and replace it with a free market solution that encourages competition between companies, while also working toward removing penalties for not purchasing health insurance.

This task falls on the shoulders of President Trump and the now Republican-owned Congress, however, things have not gone so smoothly since the first attempt to replace Obamacare failed.

Let’s hope there’s a second round for the effort, and the solution presented genuinely helps citizens get the coverage they need at an affordable price.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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