Liberals have sick response to Melania Trump’s official portrait…

Some aspects of presidential administration changes are completely routine. Hiring new White House staff, changing interior decor to fit the new occupants, etc. Among these changes are the releases of “official portraits” of the First Family. It’s a long standing precedent, and the Trump administration is no exception.

Or is it?

Because this is Trump and because Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to plague liberals everywhere, even something as mundane as the releasing of a photograph is sparking liberal outrage.

Yesterday the White House released the official portrait of first lady Melania Trump. Her press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, tweeted the news, along with a link and later the official FLOTUS Twitter account sent out the photo. The photograph was taken in the West Sitting Hall on the second floor of the White House private residence. Mrs. Trump is in a black jacket, arms folded with her wedding ring on prominent display. 


Cue the liberal outrage.
From the Washington Times:

“Cosmopolitan Magazine declared the photo was heavily airbrushed — Cosmo, of all sources, which heavily airbrushes many of its scantily clad cover models every month.

Mrs. Trump’s face “appeared to be heavily airbrushed,” the women’s magazine lamented, adding a bit of snark: “This soft lighting is like only the classiest ‘90s mall glamour shot photo could offer!”

 Wire service Agence France-Presse reported: “Melania Trump portrait stirs controversy,” which was then carried and featured on the front-page of Yahoo News on Tuesday.

“While some commenters gushed that the first lady was ‘beyond beautiful’ and ‘gorgeous,’ others mocked the image as highly airbrushed and compared the gauzy background — a window in the White House residence — to 1990s school portrait settings,” AFP reported.

Former Comedy Central “The Nightly Show” writer Sasha Stewart wrote on Twitter, “Anyone know why Melania Trump’s portrait was taken in front of the Muppet Babies window?”

The Hollywood Reporter took offense Mrs. Trump wore her wedding ring in the picture.

Melania Trump’s official White House portrait puts her 15-carat wedding ring front and center,” its headline blared, adding: “Compared to Michelle Obama’s first official portrait first portrait, which shows the former first lady in the now-famous sleeveless Michael Kors dress in the Blue Room of the White House in 2009, Melania’s portrait has an almost surreal glow about it, not unlike a mall glamour shot. The air of perfection, however, might just be a result of her prior experience as a professional model. We’ll never know.”

The U.K.’s Daily Express also took note of her ring, saying she was “flaunting an ENORMOUS diamond ring” and “chose to flaunt her wealth, power and status in her first official portrait as First Lady.”

Is there anything that liberals aren’t offended by? Its a photograph, for crying out loud. The woman is married to a billionaire, of course she’s going to have a beautiful diamond ring.

Truth is that Donald Trump could call a press conference in the Rose Garden this afternoon, look up and declare, “The sky is blue” and liberals everywhere would immediately take to Twitter proclaiming, “Trump’s a liar!!” The other truth is that we have a beautiful First Lady and this is an appropriate and fitting photograph. Any who contest that fact are still sucking on sour grapes.  A taste they’d better get used to.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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