High schoolers given assignment on the Holocaust that has people HORRIFIED

Just when you thought the radical left could not possibly be any more morally bankrupt, along comes a little story about an absolutely horrific assignment given to high school kids that will make your blood run cold.

It’s no secret that many on the left are anti-Semitic, having zero love for the Jewish people or the nation of Israel, so it’s not exactly a shock that a supposed educator would try pushing this narrative on his students.

Students in high school were given an assignment by a teacher that required them to create an argument actually in favor of the Holocaust.

Yes, you read that right. Kids were given a task to come up with valid reasons for nearly exterminating an entire religious group.

The College Fix is reporting, A pair of high school students who take classes at SUNY Oswego via a specialized program are upset at an assignment their “Principles of Literary Representation” class received: Defend Hitler’s Final Solution.

CiTi/BOCES New Vision program teacher Michael DeNobile handed out a “Top Secret memorandum” to the class “addressed to senior Nazi party members.” It asked students “to put themselves in the shoes of Adolf Hitler’s top aides,” according to a report at Syracuse.com.

Students Archer Shurtliff and Jordan April, who ended up on opposite sides of the, er, “debate” wondered: Does DeNobile really want students to argue in favor of “the Nazis’ justification for genocide?”

Although the lesson does tell students it is “not for you to be sympathetic to the Nazi point of view,” and is just “an exercise on expanding your point of view,” Shurtliff and April allege it created a rather intolerant atmosphere.

One student did a Nazi salute in class, they say, and another said he wished he’d been assigned the pro-Holocaust side “because Heil Hitler, duh.”

Alternative assignments were eventually offered, yet many of the students decided to do the original, which speaks volumes about the moral condition of future generations, doesn’t it?

DeNobile and fellow school administrators defended their choice of assignment by stating, “the essay was a lesson in having to do things you don’t like, and in seeing the other side of an argument.”

Yeah, well, there are definitely much better ways to make this exact same point that dson’t involve wishing death on millions of people.

It should be common sense that such an assignment is inappropriate, disturbing, and mentally warped. This forces children to defend murder and why the victims deserved their fate — a point of view so screwed up it’s hard to find the right words to sum up the insanity.

If this is any indication of what future leaders of this nation are going to be like, we’re doomed.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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