Burglary gang’s family says it’s “unfair” their VICTIM was armed, because…

Stay in school kids – among the things you’ll learn is that you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

Three would-be teenager robbers weren’t so lucky. Max Cook, Jacob Redfearn, and Jaykob Woodruff, aged between 15 and 19, were killed in a botched burglary after being confronted by the homeowner’s 23-year old son. The three had a getaway driver who was also arrested, 21-year-old Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, who fled the scene after hearing gunshots.

According to Heavy.com, the homeowner’s son Zach Peters told police he woke up to “loud bangs” when the three intruders broke a glass door in the rear of the house. He armed himself with an AR-15 rifle and confronted the teens in a hallway. After they briefly exchanged words, he opened fire on the trio, identified as Max Cook, Jacob Redfearn and Jake Woodruff, police said. Two of the burglars died in the home’s kitchen, while a third escaped to the driveway, where he collapsed and died.

They were dressed in black, all had masks on, and all had gloves on,” Deputy Nick Mahoney told reporters, adding that the initial investigation suggests the teens planned to burglarize the house. “There was a short exchange of words and then gunfire happened.”

The burglars came armed – but only with brass knuckles and knives.

“Preliminary investigation, it looks like it was self-defense,” Deputy Nick Mahoney told the news station.

The case could fall under Oklahoma’s“Make My Day” law, which says a resident has the right to use deadly force if an intruder has entered or is entering the resident’s home, the Tulsa World reports.

As for the case against Zach Peters? That he had an unfair advantage in defending himself because he had an AR-15. Leroy Schumacher, the grandfather of 17-year old Jacob Refearn told the press that he didn’t believe the shooting was necessary. “What these three boys did was stupid,” he acknowledged, but not an act worthy of death. “They knew they could be punished for it but they did not deserve to die,” said Schumacher.

He certainly is right on that point – no one would argue that these teenagers deserved to die simply for an act of theft – however, hindsight is 20/20. We don’t know what kind of altercation occurred between the man and the robbers – how could Peters know if one of them was carrying a concealed firearm on their person either? He only knew that three masked people had broken into his house, and they were armed with knives.

In his 911 call Peters tells the officer he had shot two at the time of calling, and asked for an officer to come to his residence immediately as he heard a third person still talking. He was incorrect here, and had actually shot all three, but must’ve thought he missed one. He had barricaded himself inside his room while making the call – and was pleading for medical care for those he shot.

That doesn’t sound like someone who’s trigger happy, and what was he supposed to do? Just let them ransack his belongings because he outclassed them in his own house?

No thanks.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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