Whoa: DNC chair goes on profanity-laced RANT against Trump — with cameras rolling

So much for civilized political discourse. Millennial voters and those younger will never know there was a time when profanity wasn’t used in polite company, and certain standards of decency were upheld during public speeches.

Yes, we know four letter words were used by Presidents Johnson and Nixon, and of course Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton — even Vice President Dick Cheney famously told Senator Patrick Leahy to engage in strenuous self copulation in 2004.

But these were not meant as public pronouncements.

Fast forward to 2017, and we can thank the Democrats for still keeping it classy.

The Party’s new chairman, Tom Perez, was campaigning for Democrats in New Jersey when he dropped a little s-bomb of his own.

Perez, speaking at a rally hosted by the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, congratulated the thousands of protesters who showed up on January 21st, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration and, per The Daily Caller, claimed those people gathered to proclaim, “Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values… Donald Trump you didn’t win the election.”

Later in his speech, President Obama’s secretary of labor added that he doesn’t “care” if people take issue with his speech, just like how “Republicans don’t give a shi*t about people.”


Here’s the first bit of his speech when he congratulates the protesters.

It’s hard not to feel like an old prude when you hear how our language has been degraded over the years —
just part of a general dumbing-down of our culture, and it permeates so much of our lives. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

[Note: This article was written while tut-tutting by Michele Hickford]

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