Rachel gets REVENGE…

We’re quite certain the majority of our readers here at www.allenbwest.com are not fond followers of Rachel Maddow and MSNBC. In fact, there may be many who’ve never watched a single program on MSNBC – Rachel or otherwise.

However, we do not represent all the eyeballs in the viewing universe, and Maddow seems to be attracting an ever larger share.

Her ratings spiked several weeks ago over her much-ballyhooed (and maligned) big “reveal” of Donald Trump’s taxes. Immediately afterwards, her ratings tanked, and it looked like Maddow was going back into obscurity.

But that is not the case, and her head-to-head match-up wth Tucker Carlson on Fox News is leaving Tucker playing catch-up.

Check out these numbers for Thursday, March 30th per AdWeek.


Maddow edges Carlson in both the key 25-54 age bracket and in overall viewers. Now, Carlson is the ratings king for Fox in that demographic, no question. And Fox still beats MSNBC for the total day in that demographic — but not in prime time.

For total viewers, Fox News still has the edge in both total day and prime time. But once again, Maddow manages to edge out Carlson in their respective time slots.


Should Tucker be worried? We sure hope not.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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