Wow: LGBT “bathroom bill” just got ROLLED BACK…

Decades ago who would’ve imagined the biggest social issue of the day would be whether or not to let men — who think they’re women — use the ladies room?

That question is at the core of a huge debate in North Carolina, where this issue has been raging for some time.

A piece of legislation recently passed a key hurdle to undo the state’s “bathroom bill.” While many liberals are cheering, many say it doesn’t go far enough in allowing transgenders to access to the bathroom of their choice.

Fox 8 Live reports:

A compromise that would roll back North Carolina’s contentious “bathroom bill” cleared a key hurdle Thursday when senators approved the measure, but it may not go far enough to quell furor surrounding the law limiting LGBT protections.

Gay and civil rights groups say the replacement bill isn’t a true repeal of the law and will continue to allow discrimination. And some social conservatives preferred to have House Bill 2 stay on the books.

Republican Sen. Dan Bishop, a primary sponsor of HB2, denounced the new deal on the Senate floor.

“This bill is at best a punt; at worst it is a betrayal of principle,” the Charlotte-area legislator said.

The Senate voted 32-16 in favor of the bill, with nine of 15 Democrats among the yes votes.

The House took up debate on the measure around noon. Both chambers are controlled by Republicans.

Just hours after the deal was announced Wednesday night, a dozen gay rights activists gathered outside the Executive Mansion in Raleigh, where Gov. Roy Cooper hosted Democrats, urging them to support the plan.

Cooper was narrowly elected with LGBT support on a platform that included repealing HB2.

“It’s not a perfect deal, but it repeals House Bill 2 and begins to repair our reputation,” Cooper said.

The announcement came as the NCAA said North Carolina sites won’t be considered for championship events from 2018 to 2022 “absent any change” in House Bill 2, which it views as discrimination. The NCAA said decisions would be made starting this week on events and announced in April. North Carolina cities, schools and other groups have offered more than 130 bids for such events.

HB2 was crafted and passed in North Carolina as a response to a Charlotte city ordinance that gave transgenders permission to use restrooms based on the gender they identify with.

Liberals are always on the lookout for their next pet cause and now that gay marriage is a thing, they’ve latched on to this transgender bathroom stuff, hoping to boost their reputation as fighters of equality.

In reality, all they are is ill informed individuals who, for the sake of looking cool and relevant with hashtag activism, are putting innocent women and children at risk of becoming sexual assault victims.

Sure, a person who is transgendered might not hurt someone, but what about the countless perverts of the world who will take advantage of these laws to get away with feeding their sick fantasies by “identifying” as the opposite sex?

Let’s hope common sense prevails on this issue and the safety of women and children is upheld in North Carolina and across the country.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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