This volleyball star just found the PERFECT way to SHUT UP liberals…

Is the day coming when women’s athletic competitions are dominated by men? As the trickle of political correctness begins its growth toward becoming a flood it certainly seems possible. Unless this road alters it’s just a matter of time until the odd paradox of liberalism – which on one hand claims to be fighting for women’s equality and on the other is handing men an unfair advantage – sees every woman’s world record wiped out and replaced by a man (“identifying” as a woman).

Last week we reported on the case of Laurel/Gavin Hubbard the New Zealand power lifter who just destroyed all of the women in the field (because he’s a man) and took home that nation’s gold medal as his dejected competitors could only look on.


Now a story right here in the good ‘ol U.S. of A. is capturing the world’s eyes.

Hawaii News Now is reporting on Tia Thompson, a 32-year-old biological male transgender athlete from Hawaii who identifies as a female and could be on his way to the Olympics after switching over to the women’s volleyball division.

“As sports organizations around the world continue to update their guidelines to make it easier for transgender athletes to compete with the gender they choose, those rules are being implemented here in Hawaii. And it’s becoming a controversial topic in the volleyball community. 

“It’s a touchy subject because volleyball is a main sport here,” said Tia Thompson, a transgender athlete. “

Since making the switch Thompson has been dominating the biological women in what is Hawaii’s most popular sport. This should come as no surprise as men are taller, stronger and can jump higher. The presence of such athletes places other athletes into a quandary, particularly the liberals.  They don’t want to say anything and appear unsupportive of their liberal brethren, but, they’ve been training, working hard and want to go to the Olympics themselves and there’s a finite number of slots.

“There has been some push back from the community. Players and parents we spoke to who did not want to be on camera say it’s not fair for teams with biological women because it creates an unrealistic level of competition.”

Why didn’t they want to speak on camera? Because they are trapped, trapped on political correctness fly paper. Speak out and you’re a bigot, don’t speak out and can kiss your Olympic dreams goodbye.

“Later this month, Thompson will be heading to the popular Haili Volleyball Tournament on the Big Island — a USAV sanctioned event. This will be her first year playing in the tournament as a woman and the first time the tournament will have an openly transgender athlete competing. 

“When we start playing, I think we’ll get a lot of responses,” said Angie Andrade-Morioka, who oversees all USAV events in Hawaii.

Thompson says she plans on trying out for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and hopes that will give her a platform to support other trans athletes, while educating others. 

“By me coming out and opening doors, it will get more accepted,” said Thompson.”


Is that the goal? Opening doors for others? Volleyball is played six-on-six, imagine if instead of one transgender a team has all six.  What would happen to other legitimate female teams chances?  How about shot-putters? Basketball? 4×400 relay?

With the exception of very few sports like curling, expressive dance (are those really even sports?) or diving, where size and strength are not significant advantages, this push to include males in female competition could mean that all records in everything everywhere are one day held by men. Which is just the opposite of what the liberal/feminism movement claims to be all about. What a pickle.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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