PRICELESS! Rob Schneider takes Dems down in one EPIC tweet

For the last several months, it seems the only thing the mainstream media wants to report is the alleged tale of Trump and his “connection” to Russia, and how this mythical partnership brought about the political destruction of Hillary Clinton.

Because her lack of character, constant lies, and numerous scandals wouldn’t have done the trick.

Well, some wise words have finally emerged to enlighten the masses on this tiresome recycle of shoddy journalism, and it comes from the streets of Hollywood.

Actor Rob Schneider sent out a blistering tweet today setting the record straight as to who’s to blame for Hillary’s loss, and, boy oh boy, are Democrats sore.

Via Twitchy:

That had to sting a little. Guess somebody’s going to need a dab of burn cream after that one.

The Internet went wild for Schneider’s tweet:

It’s so nice to see someone from the entertainment industry who isn’t 100 percent brainwashed by progressive thought.

It’s interesting to note, that, as many actors age, they begin to shift their political ideology after realizing liberalism simply isn’t logical and its principles don’t work…at all.

Perhaps one day all the whiny leftists who still want to blame Russia for their own epic failure will get a clue, and wake up to reality.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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