NO WAY! Look who libs want to give free birth control to now…

A university in Texas is proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that liberalism is indeed a mental disorder after the great lengths they’ve gone to in order to do something wacky…for pigeons.

Apparently, administrators and students are attempting to do something about the overpopulation of pigeons in the area, so their genius idea for handling this issue is birdie birth control.

Yes, you read that correctly. Birth control for pigeons.

This is where your hard earned dollars for little Johnny’s education are going.

According to

One Texas university is making birth control easier to get – for pigeons.
Texas Tech administrators and students are doing battle with an overpopulation of pigeons on the Lubbock campus.

The idea, said Erin Bohlander, a Ph.D student in Natural Resources Management, is to give the pigeons edible birth control called Ovo that will be mixed with cracked corn and put in feeders. The drug stops eggs from fertilizing.

Assistant Vice President of Operations at the college, Sean Childers, told KLBK-TV that the project won’t have an immediate impact, but will hopefully reduce the pigeon population over time.

Childers said the school spends over $100,000 annually in work hours and resources to clean up pigeon remains around campus. Thus, the birth control idea.

It’s not an idea that can be applied to students, although some might have wanted to try it in a city that in recent years nearly led Texas in the number of STDs among the population.

Don’t they have pest control down in Texas? Surely that would be cheaper than feeding them birth control pills.

Universities have certainly become a joke over the last couple of decades, but who knew it was getting this bad?

Just one more way “higher education” is failing us…

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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