After attacks on Pence’s marriage, Michelle Malkin drops major TRUTHBOMB on liberals

Leftists seem to really enjoy picking on President Trump and Vice President Pence, especially the latter because he’s an outspoken Christian who actually lives out his faith.

They love to slander him mercilessly and accuse him of being “anti-gay” and all sorts of nonsense because he works hard to uphold traditional family values. All normal stuff that just chafes liberal oddballs in all the wrong places.

So, with all of the complaints about Pence, what exactly do Democrats want in a VP?

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin has the answer — and it’s hilarious!

Via Twitchy:

There have been a lot of people, including on the Left and in the media, mocking (or flat-out offended by) Vice President Mike Pence’s philosophy when it comes to members of the opposite sex who aren’t his spouse.

Michelle Malkin remembers a VP who didn’t offend liberal sensibilities:

Ha! Nailed it!

The strange thing about Biden’s roaming hands is that if he’d been a Republican carrying out the same strange touchy-feely stuff, he’d be called a pervert.

Funny how the rules suddenly change depending upon your political ideology.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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