Hollywood actress makes most DESPICABLE comment yet about London attack…

What is it going to take to get Hollywood entertainers to stick to their scripts, keep pretending to be someone else and just clam up already about politics?  Every time one of them opens up their yap or tweets something about our nation and/or president they expose their ignorance to the world. But they just won’t stop. This time its actress Patricia Arquette. (Again.)

Arquette, who won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2015 for her role in “Boyhood,” is no stranger to making bizarre, lightening-rod statements.  In her 2015 acceptance speech, Arquette included this ditty, “To every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights.”

Mmmm…..yeah. Ok. Moving on.

Yesterday, following Wednesday’s brutal jihadist attack in London that left four dead and at least forty wounded, Arquette took to Twitter to inform the world that the whole thing may have been set up by President Trump as a distraction from the FBI’s investigation to his alleged ties with Russia.

Arquette tweeted out:

It’s amazing the things liberals will force themselves to believe in support of their own personal biases, but this one is remarkable even by Hollywood’s lofty standards. The idea that President Trump would contract someone in London to go on a butchering spree and kill people all for what would be at best a temporary distraction from any on-going investigations is asinine on a whole new level. Wow.

Clever one that she is, Arquette then made President Trump and his team the following offer:

Hardy-har-har. That’s a real knee-slapper. Like all other liberals, be they actors, politicians or ‘other,’ Arquette offers nothing concrete, no evidence or even real accusations. As usual its just “Trump ties to Russia” rhetoric without even as much as an explanation as to what that really means.

In the past Arquette has taken a page from the book of Maxine Waters and tweeted her assured belief in the existence and truth of the often-cited but never produced dossier about Trump and various vile sexual acts he allegedly engaged in while visiting Russia.

Arquette (and many others in Hollywood) would no doubt believe it if claims were being made that Trump secretly put out a hit on Santa Claus and had the old man bumped off in 1972.  But this idea that he contracted a hit in London this week – where one of the people he had murdered was a U.S. citizen – could be the most despicable Hollywood outrage of the year.

But…the year is still young.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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