4-year-old’s mom gets emergency call from school; HORRIFIED when she finds he…

Earlier this week, Kristy Jackson, mother of 4-year old Hunter Jackson, felt the heart-wrenching drama all parents have felt at one time or another upon receiving a frantic phone call from Hunter’s preschool demanding she drop what she’s doing, come down and pick up her son.

The reason Mrs. Jackson had to retrieve Hunter is yet another chapter in what’s becoming the sad, sad, hyper-liberal state of affairs in the American education system. And as this story demonstrates, it’s happening at any and all levels – even as early as preschool.

Seems young Hunter had happened upon a spent .22 shell casing, put it in his pocket and brought it to school. Red alert! Red alert!

I was met with a stone-faced teacher who said that my son had a shotgun bullet.” Jackson said. Exactly what a “shotgun bullet” is is anyone’s guess, but the episode caused Hunter to be suspended from the preschool for seven days.

The Jacksons live in Collinsville, Illinois and the incident was reported on by Fox2 in nearby St. Louis:

“The Collinsville mom behind a viral Facebook post spoke to Fox 2/News 11 Wednesday. Her son, Hunter, 4, has been suspended from his preschool for bringing a shell casing from a fired bullet to school.

He’d been at the preschool for about a year, she said, and now was in tears. Neither she nor Hunter’s dad knew it, but he found something he thought was pretty neat and he took it to school Tuesday to show his friends.

“This is a spent .22 caliber bullet casing,” Kristy Jackson said, holding the object that got Hunter into so much trouble.”

The mystery of where Hunter came across the shell was quickly solved. The Fox2 story continues:

It turns out the casing came from a visit with Hunter’s grandpa who is a Caseyville police officer, Jackson said.

He’s made it a point to teach Hunter about hunting and responsible gun use at a young age.

“[Hunter] just was wandering around in a field and picked up and put it in his pocket and didn’t tell his parents…it’s paranoia.  It’s something that’s become quite an epidemic where guns are automatically assumed that they’re bad…and I’m not sure how a 7-day suspension teaches my son anything about tolerance or anything about why he was wrong.  It just means his school doesn’t want him there because of things he enjoys.”

But, this being liberals living in LiberalLand (aka: American education system) where everything is about government controlling the individual, that isn’t the end of the story.  Not content to just give a 4-year old the boot from school, the school’s administrators contacted state authorities:

The school’s vice-president e-mailed her that he was notifying the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

So now not only was Hunter suspended from the school but the state will be investigating the parents for potential abuse and/or neglect.

“He’s cried about it and he doesn’t understand why his school hates him,” Jackson said of her son.”

Because they are kind, tolerant and inclusive, Hunter.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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