Trump’s grandchild causes Twitter to LOSE ITS MIND over…wait for it…a hat

Remember when liberals got ticked off anytime someone made a comment about Obama’s kids, accusing them of being nasty “racists” — stating over and over again a politician’s family should be “off limits?”

Clearly, they have some short memories over on the left.

Liberals are now doing the exact same thing with Donald Trump, Jr. and his (adorable!) two-year-old daughter, all because of her Ernie hat.

via Twitchy:

A reminder from Trump Jr. that it’s important to make time for family, and that family is key.

How DARE he, right?

The Left, so enraged by a sweet toddler wearing an Ernie hat, attacked the little girl and her dad. Keep it classy, Lefties.

What these intellectually challenged darlings can’t seem to wrap their minds around is the fact that HBO now owns Sesame Workshop, making it a privately funded show — a change that occurred during the Obama administration.

PBS only airs reruns — not new episodes — so if the funding is cut, Sesame Street won’t suddenly disappear from the face of the planet.

This has been explained a million times, over and over, and over, but STILL these guys just don’t seem to get it. Sesame Street still teaches basic literacy, right?

Not only is this despicable behavior, it once again showcases the left’s laziness in not doing research on an issue before spouting off and the apparent ignorance they possess about basic economics.

Our country has been going through a financial crisis for many years now, and the one way to get things back on track is to pay down our national debt, which requires cuts in spending.

Yes, PBS might get some funding cut. But hey, they could always do more pledge drives!

In order to have the moral high ground, practice what you preach. Stick to attacking the president and his policies — if you must — and leave his family out of it.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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