Major U.S. City DEFIES Trump; Mayor tells citizens to…

In the wake of President Trump’s clampdown on illegal immigration, so-called sanctuary cities have become controversial. In one of the more well known cases, Chicago vowed not to cooperate with federal authorities. The result has been a high profile showdown between city officials and the Trump administration.

However, America’s 3rd largest city isn’t the only major city at odds with Trump. Following Trump’s executive order asking cities to help identify illegal immigrants, Los Angeles has responded with a blunt refusal.

From The Blaze:

Los Angeles is known as a haven for illegal immigrants, and a new executive order from Mayor Eric Garcetti will cement that status while also snubbing President Donald Trump’s order to dismantle “sanctuary city” policies.

“Right now, the country is conflicted,” Fox News’ William La Jeunesse reported Wednesday. “You have cities and states across the U.S. going in different directions, and many like L.A. are defiantly telling the president they could care less about his immigration priorities.”

“L.A. already,” he explained, “prohibits police from even asking a suspect’s legal status. But last night, the city made it official. Despite the president’s executive order asking cities to help identify illegal immigrants, L.A. is officially their sanctuary from federal enforcement.”

Afterwards, the mayor issued a statement to the media:

In Los Angeles, we don’t separate children from their families because it’s inhumane. In Los Angeles, we don’t demonize our hard-working neighbors just because they speak a different language or come from a different country. That’s un-American.

Of course, President Trump has vowed to withhold federal funding from cities that are unwilling to cooperate on immigration. If Trump follows through with that plan, cities would incur a hefty cost to protect people guilty of breaking the law.

While the administration debates its options, some states have already begun to take action:

“Lawmakers in Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Texas have introduced bills to penalize sanctuary cities,” he continued. “But yesterday Mississippi became the first state to actually to do so, and the governor said that he is going to sign that bill.”

Despite these setbacks, President Trump’s policies have already showed signs of working:

Trump, meanwhile, is shifting around immigration judges in an attempt to speed up deportations, while border officials say Trump’s tough talk on immigration has already led to an “unprecedented” drop in illegal border crossings.

With the border on the way to being secure, attention will have to shift to dealing with illegal immigrants already in the country. That could be bad news for Los Angeles and Chicago.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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