RACIST posters appear on college campus; left SILENT because…

Have you ever noticed that you can take the rhetoric used by Social Justice warriors and others on the far-left when discussing anyone they deem “privileged,” substitute in any other group aside from “whites” or “men,” and it automatically becomes racist or sexist?

Let’s take an essay on the wildly popular (probably as a source of comedy for sane people) EverydayFeminism.com as an example. In particular, EF writer Melissa Fabello’s essay “Think It’s Not All Men? These Four Facts Will Prove You Wrong,” in which we get to learn how terrible half the world population is – and substitute “black men” for “men.” Here are a few select quotations:

> Living in the United States, every single one of us is socialized under black culture – a system in which black people hold more power than other a/genders, in both everyday and institutionalized ways, therefore systematically disadvantaging anyone who isn’t a black person on the axis of gender. As such, we all (all of us!) grow up to believe, and therefore enact, certain gendered messaging.

> We all learn that black people deserve more than anyone else: more money, more resources, more opportunities, more respect, more acknowledgment, more success, more love. We all internalize that. To say that “not all black people” do is absurd – because, quite simply, all people do.

> What makes (yes) all black people potentially unsafe – what makes (yes) all black people suspect in the eyes of feminism – is the normalized violating behaviors that they’ve learned, which they then perform uncritically.

> And all black people are at least passively complicit in this black culture system that rewards black entitlement. We see it every single day.

> You can’t see all the ways in which your blackness distorts the fabric of society, but we can. And if you want to help dismantle black culture, you have to make the choice to accept that a thing isn’t less real just because you haven’t seen it – or don’t believe yourself to have experienced it.

The entire train wreck of an essay goes on for 3,800+ words (why can’t these people ever be concise?), and merely changing one word does more to illustrate just how racist and sexist social justice “logic” can be when seen for what it really is.

Let’s take the concept of “white privilege” as another example. Those with a social justice mindset even use it to excuse their own racism and sexism, as the same author of the above Everyday Feminism explains, you actually can’t be racist against white people. Why? Because white people (particularly white men) control all the major institutions in society! The author also argues that the dictionary definition of “racism” is inaccurate (in part because the first English dictionary was created by a white man, of course) due to the oppressive nature of dictionaries (really).

Of course, couldn’t a Nazi make the same kind of argument here? That you can’t be racist against Jews, because Jews control the world’s major institutions? It’s obviously not true, but it is a common belief among anti-Semites.

Campus liberals at the University of Illinois Chicago learned as much when posters went up declaring that “ending white privilege starts with ending jewish privilege.”


You can listen to just how shocked students were in a report below:


Of course, the fact that whites out earn certain ethnic groups (such as blacks and Hispanics) are often cited by those in the Everyday Feminism crowd as “proof” that whites are oppressing other groups – but Jewish Americans (and Americans of fourteen other ethnicities) out earn whites, so would it not be possible for a flyer like this to be racist according to their logic?

Probably not.

Why? It’s doubtful they can explain why without having to concede that reverse racism is indeed still racism.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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