BREAKING: More arrests in UK after London attack; ISIS says…

Yesterday London was rocked when a lone militant Islamic jihadist drove his SUV into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, then jumped out and ran towards the Houses of Parliament with a large knife, slashing a policeman to death. He was shot by police, but not before he had wounded more than 30 and killed two others.

ISIS has now claimed responsibility for the attack. The Amaq News Agency, which is seen as the terror group’s official press service, report the attacker was “a soldier of Islamic State.”


Early this morning, British police said six homes were raided and eight arrests were made in connection to the Wednesday terror attack that left four dead, including the attacker and a police officer, according to Fox News.

Armed police carried out the raid in the central city of Birmingham, about 130 miles north of London; however, police said they believed the terror attacker acted alone during his assault on the Westminster Bridge near Parliament.

The identity of the attacker has not been released.

In an address to the members of Parliament on Thursday, British Prime Minister Theresa May said the man was British-born and had previously been investigated by intelligence services for links to extremism, but had been determined to be a peripheral figure.

Well that’s not particularly comforting.

No travel ban stopped this guy from getting into England. He was born there. How do you ever vet what’s in someone’s head? How do you ever know when they’re going to flip out and turn into jihadis?

It’s a tough question all of Europe — and frankly the United States — is going to have to figure out how to answer, or we’ll have more of these incidents to contend with — and sadly, more lives will be destroyed.

These are scary times.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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