Who’s next? Twitter CRACKS DOWN on “extremism,” BANS…

Liberals aren’t exactly known for being big supporters of free speech, with political correctness muzzling just about anyone daring to be edgy and share controversial opinions.

Everyone is so sensitive it feels like you need to carry around an encyclopedia of acceptable terms just to have a basic human conversation.

It seems the PC police over at Twitter are feeling frisky these days, as the social media giant is going on a rampage banning 636,000 accounts for “extremism.”

Wonder how many conservatives are in the ranks…

According to Yahoo News:

Twitter Inc said on Tuesday it had suspended more than half a million accounts since the middle of 2015 as the company steps up efforts to tackle “violent extremism” on its microblogging platform.

The company shut down a total of 376,890 accounts in the last six months of 2016, Twitter said in its latest transparency report.

Twitter also said it had started taking legal requests to remove content posted by verified journalists and media outlets.

Twitter said it had received 88 such requests, but had not taken any action on the majority of these requests.

The sheer number of accounts being banned here is staggering. But it bears noting that up to 15 percent or 48 million of 310 million Twitter accounts may be “bots” — in other words, automated, fake accounts, according to researchers at USC.

Twitter needs to clean up its act for sure, as the company has been unable to significantly grow its user base or revenue.

Despite President Trump’s heavy tweeting, and 43 million combined followers, even he might not be able to make Twitter great again.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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