After “Rockville Rape,” NYC takes UNPRECEDENTED step for illegals

Earlier today Col. West wrote about the despicable revelation that at least one of the men who brutally raped a 14-year-old student in a bathroom at Rockville High in Maryland was here illegally. At least one.

But do you hear any outrage from the left on this? From Ashley Judd or Madonna or Chelsea Clinton? Of course not. Because in their minds, it’s the people here illegally who are the victims.

Proving for the millionth time this week that liberals simply can’t grasp and separate “immigration” from “illegal immigration” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking the unprecedented step of beginning a training program to instruct teachers, staff and administrators in the city’s schools to resist federal agents carrying out America’s laws.

Townhall reports:

“At a press conference in front of New York’s Tweed Courthouse on Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio laid out the city’s plans to resist U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in the Trump era.

There are “deep fears and concerns” among immigrant families after President Trump announced new ICE protocols that give agents more freedom to hold illegal immigration raids, the mayor noted.

“Parents don’t know what the policies will mean for their children,” he said.”

So in addition to educating, teachers now must be trained to “resist” federal officials? This, of course, is coming from the same man who proclaimed that drunk driving is not a serious offense, and announced he will similarly shield illegal immigrant drunk drivers from ICE as well.

Sounding eerily like Univision’s Jorge Ramos — who last month proclaimed to his Spanish-speaking audience, “this is OUR country, not theirs” — de Blasio added, “We think it’s crucial to fight for all New Yorkers and to help immigrant New Yorkers to know their rights. This is your city. Your city will stand by you.”

What elected officials like de Blasio and others are doing willfully ignores the commission of crimes and flouts the rule of law. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are duly sworn law enforcement officials and enforcement of federal law is one of the necessary and proper roles of the federal government, not of states, and certainly not cities.

Regardless of these truths, what de Blasio is doing is good old-fashioned fear-mongering: “They can’t blow by our security. They have to follow our rules. ICE agents will not be wandering the halls of a school. The policies coming out of Washington “violate our values,” de Blasio insisted.

Federal agents just wandering around the hallways of schools in New York city? Utter nonsense. De Blasio is implementing a program to protect against a nonexistent threat.

Townhall wrapped its story with input from the City Council’s speaker:

“Asked by the press, the mayor admitted that no ICE agent has yet attempted to enter a New York school. New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito echoed the mayor’s sentiments, noting that “fear and hate is plaguing our communities.” ICE can’t come in schools without a warrant signed by a judge, she emphasized. She fully intends to make sure that schools remain “safe spaces” for children.”

If agents obtain a warrant they’ll be permitted to enter the school? Well, duh! That’s how it works. No federal agent is going to decide to just walk around Adlai Stevenson High School asking students for papers on a whim, as De Blasio and Mark-Viverito would us believe.

Mr. Mayor, the fear and hate being spread in New York’s communities is not coming from Donald Trump, it’s coming from you.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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