WHOA! Notice anything STRANGE about this new weightlifting champion? (We did…)

There’s a reason men and women don’t compete against one another directly in contests of athletic performance. Our bodies are different. Generally speaking men are larger, stronger, and faster and than women.

There’s the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). The current world record for the men’s 100-meters is 9.58 seconds, the women’s record is 10.49.

This truth has liberals caught in a quandary. Because, to liberals, when a man ‘identifies’ as a woman, or vice-versa, he is one. What happens when that supposed female is in an athletic competition against authentic women? Such cases are occurring with more frequency, and while some are cheering, others aren’t so happy. Namely, the competitors who have dieted, trained, paid entrance fees and devoted their lives to a level of discipline most cannot fathom…only to be beaten by a man-claiming-to-be-a-woman.

Yahoo News picked up on a story from Down Under about Laurel Hubbard (formerly Gavin Hubbard), a competitive weight lifter who recently took home the gold medal and placed him/her into prime contention for a slot at the coveted 2017 Commonwealth Games, a slot that would have otherwise gone to someone with neither testicles nor a Y chromosome.

“A Kiwi weightlifter has made history as the first transgender athlete to represent New Zealand and come away with a win, however the victory has been slammed by other competitors.

Laurel Hubbard, 39, won the women’s over 90kg [about 198.5 lbs.] division at the Australian International competition in Melbourne on Sunday, but the win has caused a stir with some believing she had an unfair advantage.

Her combined total of 268kg [about 591 lbs.] was nearly 20kg [about 41 lbs.] better than Samoan runner-up Iuniarra Sipaia, with another 20kg back to the next lifter in the field.”

It’s always fascinating how (liberal) news outlets insist on referring to males identifying as females with feminine adjectives like “her” and “she,” but others in the competition see his/her victory as no laughing matter:

“Another lifter told New Zealand TV news station 1News Now Hubbard’s entry into the female category was unfair to other competitors. “We all deserve to be on an even playing field,” the weightlifter said. “It’s difficult when you believe that you’re not. If its not even, why are we doing the sport?” she said.”

Predictably, the local liberal news media heralds Lauren’s victory as a major step forward for gender equality – which is oddly oxymoronic in the first place.

The NZ Herald proudly printed:

“Transgender Kiwi weightlifter Laurel Hubbard’s international debut has been dubbed a major hit by an Australian official who believes she is a fantastic role model.  Michael Keelan, the Australian Weightlifting Federation chief executive, was in awe of Hubbard after she won the 90kg+ division in Melbourne.  Keelan said it will be “interesting” what the reception towards her will be after her win in an international contest at Hawthorn.

“The fact that she’s performed pretty well under a lot of pressure, with all eyes on her, it’s a credit to her,” Keelan said. “It’ll be interesting to see how muchsupport she gets from the community, but I would think she’s on the cusp of creating a lot of history.”

A fantastic role model? Mr. Keelan concluded his remarks by adding, “But she will also have to — fairly or unfairly — deal with whispers of discontent around her perceived physical advantages.”

Perceived? Keelan of course is referring to the other jilted athletes who may be ‘discontented’ after having been beaten by a muscle-bound ‘woman’ with a 5 o’clock shadow and receding hairline.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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