Man walks into a bar wearing Trump hat; bartender SHOCKS him with TWO words…

Liberals have spent quite a bit of time accusing Donald Trump and his supporters of being fascists. However, if anyone resembles fascists these days, it’s the left. After all, it’s liberals who’ve been using violence and intimidation to silence those with whom they disagree, a trademark of fascism. It’s tough to imagine anyone being more hypocritical than American liberals.

In the latest case of liberal hypocrisy, one man found out that publicly supporting President Trump can even get you denied service at a bar.

From CBS Pittsburgh:

A Philadelphia man has sued a New York City bar after he says he was denied service because he was wearing a hat supporting President Donald Trump.

The New York Post reports Greg Piatek says in the lawsuit that he and his friends were initially served drinks at The Happiest Hour on Jan. 28. But he says once a bartender noticed his “Make America Great Again” hat, he asked Piatek if it was “a joke.” He says a second round of drinks was “slammed” down on the bar.

The suit claims a manager later asked Piatek to leave, saying he was told by the bar owner that “anyone who supports Trump or believes what you believe is not welcome here.”

You might be asking what the big deal is. After all, freedom of association is a trademark of American liberty. People and businesses should be free to choose with whom they do and do not want to associate. However, the problem here is the double standard. Liberals have no problem forcing a Christian baker or photographer to provide service to a same-sex wedding, but show support for President Trump and it’s okay to kick you out of a bar.

Liberals have proven exactly why conservatives have been right to oppose “anti-discrimination” legislation. Freedom of association only works when government isn’t involved. Otherwise, you give government the right to pick and choose which groups have more rights than others.

Of course, none of this means we have to agree with everything a business does. If liberals don’t like that a business won’t service a gay wedding, they’re free to not frequent that establishment.

If there are going to be anti-discrimination laws, they need to be applied equally. But maybe we should just get government out of the way and let individuals decide with whom they do and don’t do business. That’s real freedom.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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