When liberals see what’s in this mom’s hand, they IMMEDIATELY report her to Facebook

On the subject of “transgender rights,” one thing liberals have never satisfactorily explained is how transgender people have been able to relieve themselves in public to date.

Clearly, transgender people have lived amongst us for decades, and somehow they’ve figured out how to tinkle when they’re out and about. And if you’re trying to live and “pass” as the opposite gender, isn’t the whole point to blend in?

Once again, we must remind you that transgender people make up less than a tenth of a percent of our population, but they’ve clearly got a very good PR team.

Meanwhile, the ludicrousness (ludicrosity?) of how one “self identifies” is lost on liberals. They get very upset when you call them out on the insanity (like our favorite trans-racial pal, Rachel Dolezal, who has changed her name to the more ethnically catchy Nkechi Amare Diallo).

So it was probably no surprise that this woman should get flamed on Facebook when she made a very simple point about “self-identity.”

Kristi Merritt, a mom in Washington state, took a stand on letting men who “self-identify” as women into girls’ and women’s locker rooms and restrooms.

She illustrated the point with a series of photos on Facebook. In one she dressed as a Seattle Seahawks football player and asked if that made her a football player. In another she dressed as a pirate, and in her final photo, showed a handbag, heels and dress, and posed the question, “then how does this make a man into a woman?”


Apparently, her photos were reported to Facebook under the charge of “nudity,” but the closest thing we can find to that is naked truth.

And that to a liberal is like light to a vampire.

H/T to Conservative Tribune

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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