After Ivanka made HISTORY last night in the WH; media SILENT

They love to talk about the boycott against her clothing. They love to murmur about her status as “shadow” first lady, and how questionable it is that she attends official meetings with her father.

But when Ivanka Trump does something positive — particularly if it goes against the liberal narrative — the mainstream media is curiously as silent as Marcel Marceau.

Last night, Ivanka Trump hosted a dinner of female entrepreneurs at the White House, which perhaps itself isn’t remarkable — except it’s the first time a group of female LATINA entrepreneurs has been invited.

Strange, did Jorge Ramos over at Univision do a glowing story? If so, we missed it.

But at least the Daily Mail reported that Ivanka attended a roundtable discussion with Latina small business owners organized by the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

In a photo from the event released by the USHCC, a beaming and animated Ivanka can be seen talking to the table of 13 Latinas.

She later rewteeted that photo on her own Twitter account, which read: ‘USHCC was delighted to host @IvankaTrump for a roundtable discussion w/ Hispanic women biz owners today in Washington.’

One of the women in attendance, Lili Gil Valletta, excitedly shared details about the ‘inspiring’ meeting on Facebook later in the day, saying it was an ‘honor’ to be at the table.

‘This is a historic first, making it her first meeting with Latinx entrepreneurs,’ wrote Valletta, who is the co-founder of the marketing and strategy agency XL Alliance.

‘We talked about our businesses, the challenges we face as women and left the door open to jointly collaborate to advance opportunities for all women.’

Isn’t that nice? But you know, Trump is, like, a Nazi. So his family must be too.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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