BREAKING: Terror attack at Paris airport…

Earlier this week, we reported on two suspected terror attacks in France — one at a high school where a 17-year-old armed with a rifle, handguns and grenades shot at least three people.

Within hours, a letter bomb exploded in the hands of a person at the International Monetary Fund headquarters causing minor burns to their hands and face.

But that was just the warm-up.

Today an armed man attempted to take the weapon from a female security guard at Orly Airport in Paris and was shot to death.

According to Fox News, he was already known to police as a potential terrorist.

The Paris prosecutors’ office confirmed that its anti-terrorism section has taken over the investigation.

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said the attacker, whom he did not identify, assaulted three Air Force soldiers who were patrolling the airport. He said the soldier who was attacked managed to hold on to her rifle and the two soldiers she was with opened fire to protect her and the public.

No one else in the busy terminal was hurt, but thousands of travelers were evacuated and flights were diverted to the city’s other airport.

Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux said the man was linked with a carjacking earlier in the morning in a northern Paris suburb and that police and intelligence services know who he is.

A police source described him as a radicalized Muslim but did not identify him by name, according to Reuters.

Wow. In France they can actually say “radicalized Muslim” — not that it does a whole lot of good to know there are dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? of these ticking time bombs already in France, Germany, Belgium and who knows where else in Europe.

God alone knows why our nation’s lower courts are so hell-bent on letting them in here.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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