YIKES: Trumps meets with Merkel at WH; look what happens when she wants to shake hands

Every administration that’s ever been in charge of the country has come with a few awkward moments, and President Trump’s will be no different.

Who can forget the time President Bush (41) threw up and fainted at a banquet hosted by the Prime Minister of Japan?

Anyway, it seems one of those moments for Trump will be the awkward exchange he had with German chancellor Angela Merkel after leaving her hanging for a handshake.

According to The Daily Wire, On Friday, President Trump met with German chancellor Angela Merkel – and things got extraordinarily awkward. They sit next to each other, with Merkel obviously attempting to play nice, and Trump glaring at the cameras like an enraged Robert De Niro circa Meet The Parents. Finally, Trump says, “Send a great picture back to Germany please, make sure,” as Merkel giggles uncomfortably. A member of the press asks, “How did your talks go, Mr. President?” Trump nods: “Very good.” The press member follows up: “Did you talk about NATO?” Trump: “Many things.” His body language: “Get me the hell out of here.” Hers: “Can’t we just be friends?”

Finally, she turns to him: “Do you want to have a handshake?”

Trump stares at the floor, ignoring her.


There obviously isn’t a whole lot of love for Merkel coming from Trump, and that’s really not all that surprising, given previous comments he’s made about how the chancellor is destroying Germany.

The gist of his beef with her stems from the fact that she brought in a large number of illegals and refugees from Muslim countries, which as we know, didn’t exactly turn out for the best.

Here’s a little sample of the fruit of Merkel’s refugee policy via the BBC:

On 19 December, a man ploughed a lorry into a busy Christmas market in the heart of Berlin. The driver fled the scene but was arrested nearby.

On 18 July, a teenage Afghan refugee hacked at passengers on a train in Wuerzburg with an axe and knife, wounding five. He was shot dead by police.]

On 22 July, a German teenager of Iranian heritage shot dead nine people in Munich before shooting himself dead.

On 24 July, a 21-year-old Syrian refugee killed a woman with a machete and wounded five other people as he fled before being arrested. Later that day, a 27-year-old Syrian whose refugee application had been refused blew himself up outside a bar in Ansbach. Fifteen people were wounded.

There’s little doubt Merkel picked up the signals the president was sending, so it’ll be interesting to see how our relations with Germany are affected by this meeting going forward.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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