WATCH: When reporter asks about wiretapping, Trump fires HILARIOUS jab at Obama

Chancellor Angela Merkel is in Washington D.C. today for her first visit since President Trump took office. For the most part, the two discussed issues the allies share common ground, including combating terrorism and the Syrian refugee crisis.

Like the United States, Germany has been under constant threat from terrorism. Likewise, Germany has seen a huge increase in its refugee population, an issue that has deeply divided the country’s citizens. The refugee situation in Germany has been largely blamed on Merkel, resulting in doubts that she will be able to win reelection.

However, it’s another area where the two leaders have similarities that will have people talking. When talk turned to domestic issues, Trump used the opportunity to take a hilarious jab at former President Obama:

When asked about wiretapping, Trump said “As far as wiretapping, I guess, this past administration — at least we have something in common, perhaps.”

Trump was referring to the recent revelation that the Obama administration was spying on Chancellor Merkel. While the media has widely mocked Trump for accusing Obama of having his phones tapped, history proves that it wouldn’t be the first time Obama authorized such a move.

Of course, during Obama’s two terms in office, America’s spying program continued to grow. This fact was widely accepted by the media until Trump made the claim he was wiretapped. In fact, media outlets were reporting that Trump’s campaign may have been spied on mere months ago.

With Merkel in town, it was the perfect opportunity to remind the media that when it came to spying, Obama was a loose cannon. The claim he soied on Trump shouldn’t surprise anyone.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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