Maxine Waters hits NEW level of ABSURDITY with latest anti-Trump tweet

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) is coming more unhinged seemingly by the day as her particular case of Trump Derangement Syndrome has clearly reached epidemic stage.

The California liberal who’s been in Washington D.C. longer than today’s college students have been alive (26 years to be exact) is obsessed with hating Donald Trump and makes little effort to conceal it. From claiming she will not meet with him and will “fight him every inch of the way” to hoping for his impeachment before he was even sworn in, its clear that Waters lays awake at night conjuring up new ideas to get what she views as inevitable articles of impeachment started.

Yesterday Waters decided it was time to go nuclear.

Having previously accused Trump of being part of some clandestine “Kremlin Klan” she took to Twitter yesterday and tweeted out a graphic she created, (well, let’s face it – more likely that she HAD created) that featured the supposed cadre of Trump and his Russian associates whom she believes to be the kingpins of this evil empire.

She tweeted it out with the message: “Meet ‘s


The graphic, which cleverly has Moscow set as its background, features Russian President Vladimir Putin prominently featured center and rear, Trump front and center and is then peppered with pictures and names of senior Trump advisors and administration officials whom she believes are a part of this “klan.”  Waters tweeted the image from her official account with the footnote “Prepared by Rep. Maxine Waters” in the bottom right corner.

Seriously? There are no “ethics violations” with this clearly political message from her official account?

Like the rhetoric of “Russia hacking our election”, these accusations are never backed up by anything substantive. Waters fails to present any evidence whatsoever of this “Kremlin Klan” (the associating of Russia with the Ku Klux Klan is perplexing on its own level), never any specifics, never anything other than “I know its true because I know its true.”

Such as was the case a week ago when Waters proclaimed that “We know”the Trump sex blackmail is “absolutely true.” Waters was referring to a dossier leaked late last year claiming the Russians had compromising information of a sexual nature on Trump. Waters stated,  “They have said that’s absolutely true,” while presenting no evidence and declining to mention who “they” are.  Apparently if “they” say its true then its true. Whatever “it” actually is. She concluded her remarks with, “…I do think that impeachment will be necessary.

A quick surfing of Waters’ Twitter feed quickly reveals the fact that Donal Trump is living rent-free inside her head. Virtually every tweet mentions “Trump”, “hate”, “klan”, “Russia” and/or various members of the president’s cabinet tied to “Trump”, “hate”, “klan”, “Russia.”

It causes one to wonder how any of this constant chasing of (Russian) boogeymen benefits her constituents but still; if you have some evidence, fine, present it. If not, keep on chasing.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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