HA! Liberal paper quickly rewrites headline when they realize GIANT gaffe

We all know a large swath of the mainstream media is in bed with the Democrat Party, doing anything and everything they can to push an ideology of radical transformation which ultimately leads to the destruction of individual liberty.

Most news outlets, though heavily slanted to the left, go to great lengths to appear objective, but every once in awhile, one slips up and exposes what they’re really all about.

A textbook example of this is The Washington Post, who recently posted a headline that clearly indicated illegals in our country are getting all kinds of sweet taxpayer-funded benefits, then quickly changed it to better push their own narrative — oh and to cover up the fact that illegals are abusing the system and taking our “hospitality” for granted.

According to Twitchy, It’s an amazing time to be alive, and there’s still so much to learn. We’re not ashamed to admit it took the resignation of the EPA’s environmental justice head to clue us in to the fact that the EPA had an environmental justice office, and now we’ve learned that the Washington Post has a designated food policy writer.

We probably would have overlooked food policy writer Caitlin Dewey’s contribution to the paper’s “Wonkblog” column Thursday, too, except for people noticing a rather major change to the headline.

So what was wrong with the original, “Immigrants are now canceling their food stamps for fear that Trump will deport them”? Maybe it’s that one word — “illegal” — which just never seems to fit in the confines of a newspaper’s headline or a Democrat’s 140-character tweet.

Better, then, to go with the less accurate headline that simply alleges that illegals are going hungry. How much less accurate is it? The Post admits that “the evidence is still anecdotal — and The Washington Post was unable to speak directly with immigrants who chose to cancel their SNAP benefits.”

Another detail found quite a way down the page seems important: “While none of the SNAP regulations have changed, President Trump’s immigration agenda has raised fears they may change in the future.” Like a Washington Post headline, say.

As you might expect, folks on Twitter had some pretty strong things to say about the shady headline swap.

This is pretty disgraceful behavior, even from an obvious left-wing media outlet, which just goes to show that integrity in journalism is truly dead and buried.

The world of American journalism could sure use an enema. And this is probably an unpleasant image, but Donald Trump appears to be administering it.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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