Liberals OUTRAGED at this sign outside of restaurant’s bathroom…

DURHAM, NC - MAY 11: A gender neutral sign is posted outside a bathrooms at Oval Park Grill on May 11, 2016 in Durham, North Carolina. Debate over transgender bathroom access spreads nationwide as the U.S. Department of Justice countersues North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory from enforcing the provisions of House Bill 2 (HB2) that dictate what bathrooms transgender individuals can use. (Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)

We have reached the point in America where, to the hard left, if you believe human beings with a penis should use the men’s facilities and those without should use the women’s — you’re a bigot.  That, in and of itself, is no longer news, however, lefty transgender activists are steadily assaulting all levels of government and business — taking this brand of activism to new levels.

While the federal government and larger businesses can withstand their onslaught, local governments and smaller businesses typically don’t have the resources, or can’t survive the loss of revenue that results when such activists seek to run them out of business. Rather than simply going to another business, the LGBT lobby instead seeks to bend all to their will.

The latest case comes from the Steak and Catfish Barn in Oklahoma City.

Transgender activists have expressed concern over the restaurant placing a “don’t use the wrong one” sign outside of its bathrooms The sign, which has been in place for about ten months, is to inform patrons that the establishment does not have a specific bathroom for transgenders, so pay attention.

The sign reads, in its entirety, “We do not have a transgender bathroom. So don’t be caught in the wrong one. Thank you, Bob.”

The ‘Bob’ in this case is Bob Warner, the owner of Steak and Catfish Barn. Warner explained that he put the sign up to try and protect all of his customers: “We have a lot of redneck guys that come in here. Truck drivers and everything. They’re big husky guys and I said ‘man alive!’ If their wife or their little girl walked in that bathroom and a man followed them in there, I wouldn’t have a restaurant.”

Seems reasonable, right? Not if you’re a member of Freedom Oklahoma, a LGBT rights advocacy group now speaking out against the sign. Troy Stevenson, a member of the group, told Oklahoma City’s NewsChannel 4:

“You’ve got this sign implying a threat of potential violence against somebody for going to pee.”

Paula Schonauer, a transgender woman — which means he’s a man who dresses, behaves, and identifies as a female — expressed similar thoughts, “I was disturbed. It was really a let down. It’s an opportunity to show what transgender people deal with on a daily basis,” Schonauer said. S/he said the message is discriminatory and the last sentence scares him/her. “That sign has an implied threat and a threat that’s very real to me.”

LGBT’s using the business review site Yelp, have launched a smear campaign with reviewers calling the owner a “bigot;” with another stating “not a fan of hate,” and many other comments hostile to the business. One poster commented, “congratulations, you have now entered the world of bigotry and there is a cure for it.” No elaboration on that “cure” was forthcoming, however.

This just once again exposes the hypocrisy of the left. To these people, a sign indicating there are no transgender bathrooms is a threat of violence, but a post claiming “there’s a cure” [for your bigotry] is not.

Keep it up, liberals. Keep it up. The national revolt against your agenda is at full throttle and you keep pumping more fuel into the tank.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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