With two words, these folks take ‘politically correct’ speech to IDIOTIC new levels

It’s no secret American college campuses have become enclaves of political correctness. Snowflakes have turned America’s classrooms from places of learning into indoctrination centers. In most cases, it seems like the liberal agenda has completely taken over our universities.

Instead of challenging students to question closely-held beliefs, colleges now provide trigger warnings when ideas may offend them. And it doesn’t take much to get offended, because essentially anything can be seen as a “micro-aggression.” The entire system has become downright hostile to free speech.

It may not seem like it, but college students are technically adults. As such, they should be prepping for life in the real world. Instead, some colleges are putting policies in place that more closely resemble an elementary school classroom.

From the College Fix:

The correct way to tell a classmate he said something offensive is to say “ouch,” and his correct response, “oops.”

The University of Arizona’s College of Humanities is offering such “suggestions” to faculty in a new 20-page handbook titled Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Classroom, credited to Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence Jesús Treviño.

The genius behind the plan gets paid well over six figures by the university:

Treviño earns $214,000 a year at the public institution, according to The Daily Wildcat’s salary database. He joined the university Aug. 1, meaning the undated handbook was released last fall at the earliest.

That’s right, $214,000 to help create a safe space at Arizona:

The ouch/oops method is part of the handbook’s section on “Personal and Group Affirmation,” which offers suggestions on “creating a safe space” for students to talk about “challenging topics.” It was brought to light Wednesday by local radio host Garret Lewis.

Unfortunately, this pervasive leftist culture is going to end up being the death of higher education. Our colleges are supposed to be the marketplace of ideas, but that marketplace won’t thrive if more importance is placed on students’ feelings.

Policies such as “ouch/oops” will no doubt be used to silence dissenting views on campus. They’re used as a way to immediately close off debate, assuring that students aren’t burdened with ideas that don’t conform to their worldview.

Instead of producing the next generation of leaders for America, our colleges are creating a generation of entitled brats. The participation trophy generation has now come home to roost.

[Note: This story was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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