McDonald’s official Twitter tweets this about Trump, DELETES IT…

Due to their extremely high turnover and the temporary nature of the jobs they provide, McDonalds hires around one million Americans a year – and one of those employees is going to find himself added to the list of fired employees rather soon.

One employee (or hacker) with access to the company’s official Twitter account decided to use his platform to attack President Donald Trump.


It was then followed up with a sarcastic tweet about their account being compromised (from the employee/hacker).


The tweets only stayed up for about twenty minutes before being deleted, but got a few thousand re-tweets before being taken down. Eventually they were replaced with an actual tweet from the company acknowledging their account was compromised.

According to NPR, The tweet came as a significant departure on a corporate account that normally contends itself with marking holidays, promoting McDonald’s outlets, and informing investors about company strategy.

“I assume somebody decided to quit their social media job in style,” reads one popular comment.

Others joked that perhaps the Hamburglar, the McDonald’s cartoon character, had infiltrated the company’s social media division. And some, assuming that the tweet would be short-lived, posted a Web Archives link to the message.

While people posting those early responses didn’t seem to believe the message reflected a shift in McDonald’s public stance on America’s leadership, several of them did say that they’re now planning to eat a Big Mac today.

Other reactions came from Trump supporters โ€” within an hour, one Twitter user had asked McDonald’s, “Why would you post this! You think it’s ok to insult our president? For the record Obama was a failure!”

After clinching the Republican presidential nomination last May, Trump posted a photo of himself eating a meal from McDonald’s on his private jet, in an image that inspired a number of Photoshop retouches.

We’ll see what their “investigation” ends up concluding. In the meantime, here were some of the funniest reactions:

It’s all pretty amusing considering Trump once appeared in a McDonald’s commercial…

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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