Uh-oh: Joe Biden steps in it AGAIN bigly

In one of the most hilarious flubs since Al Capone’s vault, Rachel Maddow went on TV and made a fool of herself two nights ago. After teasing she had Trump’s tax returns on Twitter, the big reveal turned out to be a giant bust. Not only did her story get scooped because she rambled incoherently for 20 minutes, but the story turned out to be no big deal at all.

To start, the tax returns were just a two-page summary – from 2005. And what did that 12-year-old document reveal? That Donald Trump was indeed very wealthy and that he indeed paid a lot of that money in taxes. So much in taxes actually, that he paid a higher percentage than tax-paying patriotic liberals like Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.

When the dust settled, even liberals were left shaking their heads at the epic fail. However, what got lost in the mocking of Maddow was that another liberal narrative was put to bed. You might be familiar with the claim. It typically goes something like “Donald Trump hasn’t paid taxes in 18 years.” The narrative was so popular, it was even championed by former Vice President Joe Biden.

From Twitchy:

Rachel Maddow’s Trump “scoop” that backfired badly has left egg on a lot of faces, and the flashbacks keep coming. In October of last year, Joe Biden insinuated that Trump didn’t pay taxes, which made him unpatriotic in the eyes of the then-VP:

Of course, Trump’s claim that he has paid “hundreds of millions” of taxes turned out to be more accurate. If the $38 million he paid in 2005 is any indication, Trump would reach that number easily. But yet again, liberals are left eating their words.

Some Twitter users piled on, pointing out the hypocrisy:

Screenshot 2017-03-15 at 6.23.43 PM Screenshot 2017-03-15 at 6.22.59 PM

Rachel Maddow thought she had the story that would finally end Trump. Instead, she proved his detractors wrong, all while becoming a punchline in the process. Congrats Rachel!

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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