Sally Kohn attempts meaningful commentary on Trump’s taxes; BREAKS the internet

Following Rachel Maddow’s train-wreck of an “exposé” on Donald Trump’s taxes, which ended up proving that he pays more in taxes (both as a percentage, and obviously in total dollars) than Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and others who’ve decried all that “millions and billionaires” can get away with, Sally Kohn came to the rescue.

Sure, Maddow may have done absolutely nothing for her cause, but good on her for hyping up a story to refocus attention on unanswered questions!

Well, it DID answer some unanswered questions, like whether or not Trump pays taxes. The New York Times reported in October that it’s possible Trump could’ve dodged taxes for nearly two decades following 1995 (when he suffered a $1 billion loss). Hillary Clinton also repeated the talking point in the second presidential debate. Now we know the pays more taxes than Sally Kohn will earn in her entire lifetime.

Anyone who follows Kohn on Twitter knows that nobody is following her because they find her agreeable – and the Twittersphere responded accordingly.

Forget raising awareness to Trump’s tax returns, there have been a heck of a lot more tax cheats employed at MSNBC than in the Trump family.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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