INSANE! Angelina Jolie takes a jab at Trump for..

Earlier this week, a story broke stating that President Trump plans to reduce funding to the United Nations. Anyone who values our nation’s sovereignty will tell you this is an excellent idea.

Anything that reduces our involvement in the UN is a plus for us and a hard blow against globalism.

While many conservatives know good and well that a move away from the UN is a plus, folks in the liberal wonderland known as Hollywood have a totally different opinion — of course.

Actress Angelina Jolie is pleading for governments around the world — including ours — to commit to, what she calls, an “imperfect” United Nations, all for the sake of refugees.

According to Reuters:

U.N. refugee agency special envoy Angelina Jolie made an impassioned plea on Wednesday for internationalism in the face of wars driving people from their homes and a “rising tide of nationalism masquerading as patriotism”.

The Hollywood actress, speaking at the United Nations in Geneva, called for a renewed commitment to the “imperfect” world body and to diplomacy to settle conflicts.

“If governments and leaders are not keeping that flame of internationalism alive today, then we as citizens must,” Jolie said in the annual Sergio Vieira de Mello lecture honoring the veteran U.N. aid worker killed in a Baghdad bombing in 2003.

“We see a rising tide of nationalism, masquerading as patriotism, and the re-emergence of policies encouraging fear and hatred of others,” she warned.

Jolie did not refer directly to U.S. President Donald Trump whose administration is reviewing its funding of the United Nations and its participation in the U.N. Human Rights Council.

“A lot of the fear we observe today of refugees, of foreigners, is produced by ignorance, often fuelling politicians as well,” she said in response to a question.

“We have to recognize the damage we do when we undermine the U.N. or use it selectively — or not at all — or when we rely on aid to do the job of diplomacy, or give the U.N. impossible tasks and then underfund it.”

Uh, yeah, not sure exactly where Jolie has had her head buried lately, but the main reason folks are a tad uneasy with the idea of letting thousands of strangers into our country from lands that support radical terrorism is because they’re afraid of getting shot, stabbed, or blown up.

Refugees are a serious national security issue. Yes, there are many good people among them who are victims of radicals like ISIS, but the problem is jihadis have infiltrated their ranks and are using them to smuggle themselves into foreign countries, putting citizens at risk.

Measures must be put in place to stringently check these folks to make sure the bad guys aren’t getting in. Until such standards and procedures exist, we can’t let them in.

On top of that, the UN has slowly but surely usurped our sovereign authority for far too long. It’s imperative that we stop surrendering control of our nation over to a globalist regime and start taking back control, whether Hollywood elites like it or not.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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