Whoa! New poll STUNS with initial “Trumpcare” numbers

One of the big campaign promises Donald Trump ran on, during both the primary and general elections, was that of repealing and replacing Obamacare. Folks have been waiting with bated breath to see what kind of legislation the GOP would concoct in order to undo the mess left behind by the former president.

When “Trumpcare” was unveiled — without a removal of the restrictions that prevent consumers from buying insurance across state lines and other provisions — many folks were disappointed, wanting more than just a “quick fix” to the system in place.

While the initial reception was lukewarm at best, it seems folks are starting to come around.

According to The Daily Caller:

More registered voters support the Republican House-led health care plan than oppose it, according to a Morning Consult poll released Wednesday by Politico.

Forty-six percent of voters approve of the health care proposal as it’s currently written, compared to only 35 percent of voters who disapprove. Forty percent report they had strong feelings on the measure, 22 percent strongly disapproved, and 18 percent strongly approved of the bill.

“Given the wave of criticism from both parties following the rollout of the bill, this is a relatively strong starting point for GOP leaders and the White House,” said Kyle Dropp, Morning Consult’s co-founder and chief research officer. “However, it will be important to track how public opinion stands up as more information is released in the coming weeks.”

Additionally, 34 percent of voters feel the bill would make the nation’s health care better, and 33 percent of voters reported they felt the measure would make the nation’s health care worse, if passed into law.

The poll surveyed 1,983 registered voters, and ran from March 9 through March 13. The poll included a margin of error of 2 percentage points in either direction.

Just about anything proposed at this point would be better than Obamacare, but at least the new bill does attempt to roll back many of the Obamacare provisions that made life miserable.

For example, being forced to buy it or get fined…um….taxed. The government has no constitutional authority to force an individual to buy a product or service, so the whole idea of fining someone for not having insurance is a massive violation of rights.

However, while getting rid of some of the junk contained in the Affordable Care Act is awesome, what we really need is for the government to get out of health care altogether.

The best way to get affordable health care coverage is to increase competition in the marketplace by removing silly restrictions. Forcing companies to compete for customers naturally drives down prices and will ensure that these insurers will offer top quality products and services.

The same rule applies to doctors and specialists, as well. If doctors feel they have to compete against one another to get patients, they’re more likely to offer better quality care and go the extra mile for those who depend on them.

While these numbers are encouraging, we look forward to seeing what’s eventually passed.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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