Cosmo picks 10 most beautiful women according to science, look what libs do INSTANTLY…

Liberalism, how art thou hypocritical? Let me count the ways. Start now and you may be finished counting by the turn of the next century — if you count quickly.

For years now liberals have been running to ‘science’ as their go-to, yet invisible, god; as the ultimate end-of-the-line authority when it comes to man-made global climate change (a name they had to pivot to, once “global warming” was debunked.)

Over the course of eight years Barack Obama repeatedly told us how “the debate is over” because “the science is settled.”

Science has been a liberal’s best friend and they’ve used the ‘science doesn’t lie’ angle to kill off nearly 200,000 jobs in the coal industry, shut down 400 mines and well over 200 power plants. Science (both real and concocted) is a liberal’s friend when it can be made to work in their favor, but what’s just come out from the ‘scientific community’ now has those same liberals up in arms and hopping mad.

Via its Twitter feed, a liberal rag magazine, Cosmopolitan, released the results of a list published by another ladies’ mag, Women’s Day, of the 12 most beautiful women ever, as verified by ‘science.’

What has libs so incensed by this list? Its lack of diversity.

The author of the piece, Jessica Mattern, explained how science was used:

“It all comes down to an ancient Greek philosophy called the Phi ratio, which Julian De Silva, M.D., of the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery used along with computer facial mapping to determine which famous women have the ideal face ratio and symmetry.”

Women of African descent don’t have particularly good “face ratio and symmetry?” Apparently not. With the exception of Selena Gomez the entire list is Caucasian. Such a white-washed list was sure to bring a Twitter firestorm, which it did:

So much for the party of science.

While standing in the checkout line at the local grocery store, have you ever taken note of the cover of Cosmo? Each and every month its cover exploits and objectifies women by making them cleavage-bearing jewels for leering. Cosmo’s cover always features the word “SEX” in large bold letters usually placed near the aforementioned bosoms. Yet at the same time people like the writers and editors of Cosmo express support for protests like last week’s “Day Without a Woman.” Hypocritical much?

Now ‘science’ — which apparently is racist — has claimed the most beautiful women are white. Stick with science? No. Cosmo deleted the tweet shortly after sending it out. Will they ever delete stories or tweets about the science behind global climate change? Doubtful. In the latter instance, the science must be settled.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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