Can you spot why a school was FORCED to APOLOGIZE for these fans?

While liberals will be the first to blast conservatives as boring and uptight, it certainly seems like they’re the ones trying to take the fun out of EVERYthing.

For goodness sake, you can’t even have a “taco night” at a college cafeteria because you’ll be accused of cultural appropriation. And any straight guy who wants to dress in drag for a Halloween party will be accused of being “insensitive” to the LGBTQ community but it’s okay for THEM to have their own TV show about it (which has lasted NINE seasons).

One bit of fun liberals apparently want to stamp out is the trend for high school students to wear themed clothing to athletic events. They’ve ranged from a beach to hunting (not sure why THAT hasn’t caused outrage) to safari themes (ditto for that – which would probably trigger both animal rights and race activists).

But lo and behold — the latest theme to outrage liberals is “American.” Why? Well, not everyone playing on the opposing team is.

Get ready for this one…

Per Heat Street, Students at an Iowa high school who dressed up in America-themed red, white and blue clothing at a basketball game are being blasted for their insensitive attire because one of the teams has players from refugee families.

Morgan Wheat, the assistant coach for Des Moines North, slammed Valley High School students’ patriotic attire. “Any normal person, any educated person can look at that and think what the hell are these kids thinking,” he said.

Several of the players from North come from refugee families, according to the local NBC affiliate.

“A lot of people were very upset about it,” a sophomore from North told the local CBS affiliate. “Even if that was their theme for the game, I feel like they should have switched that because everyone knows North is a more diverse school.”

After an outcry on social media, Valley High School hand-delivered an apology letter.

“It has been brought to our attention that the decision by the Valley High School student section to wear U.S.A. apparel at our game last night was offensive to members of your community and fan base,” the student leadership members wrote. “We are deeply sorry if we have offended anyone in any way. … Please know that our intent was in no way to offend or demean—just to support our own team in a way we have done before.”

Yes, and in the way we support our NATION for heaven’s sake.

Gee, it must be terribly offensive and distressing for all those Olympic athletes from other nations to see the stars and stripes hoisted on the medal platforms. And when sports fans cheer “U-S-A, U-S-A” one can only imagine how many people are reduced to tears over the xenophobic, fascist nature of it all.

Pretty soon liberals will want to ban celebrations on the Fourth of July as being insensitive. Just wait…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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