Women OUTRAGED when they’re kicked out of a shelter to make room for….

In recent weeks, women’s rights have become a hot button issue. Following the election of Donald Trump, organizers planned a “Women’s March on Washington” and just a few days ago, women across the country skipped work and school in “A Day Without Women” protests.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone understands the protests. Many have rightfully questioned why feminists in the United States don’t seem to care about the plight of women in Middle Eastern countries. After all, women in countries like Saudi Arabia are actually second class citizens. In the West, the only “right” feminist seem to fight for is the right to kill an unborn child. Aside from that, women enjoy all the same rights and privileges as men.

However, when women were kicked out of a homeless shelter in Canada, progressives didn’t make a peep about it. The reason why is shocking.

From Breitbart:

Two women were kicked out of a homeless shelter to make room for a man because he said he is a transgender woman, according to a Canadian news report.

The women objected when they were told they would have to share a bedroom and live in the shelter with the man, and so “both were asked to leave the shelter for good,” said the TV reporter.

“I was uncomfortable with my roommate being transgender,” said one of the women, Tracey, in a TV reporter from Canada’s Global News network.  “He wants to become a woman, I mean that is his choice but when a man comes into a women’s shelter who still has a penis and genitals, he has more rights than we do,” Tracey said.

The shelter was allowed to kick the women out because of Canadian law:

Canada’s progressive laws forbid “discrimination” against people who are trying to live as members of the opposite sex. That legal rule gives them legal authority over women and men who prefer to live, work and socialize with their own sex. The Canadian law even backs men who merely say they are “transitioning” and have not undergone sex-change surgery. 

Of course, the very same people who claim to fight for women would welcome similar laws here.

While progressives pay lip service to the idea of women’s rights, they turn a blind eye to women who are rightfully concerned about men in spaces typically reserved for females. It’s gotten so bad, actual biological women were kicked out of a women’s shelter to make room for a man.

Sadly, much like pointing out the mistreatment of women in the Muslim world, pointing out that a man isn’t a woman will get you labeled a bigot. Ironically, the victim of this radical political correctness is often women. But you won’t see anyone marching on Washington for that.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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