Top college forms “WHITES ONLY” group; look how liberals respond….

Our nation is more racially divided than ever these days, thanks in large part to the efforts of those darling leftists who claim to be the party of inclusivity but spend most of their time trying to force people to group themselves by skin color, gender, sexuality, and all sorts of other labels.

Speaking of grouping yourself based on something arbitrary, a bunch of white folk at the ultimate school for brainiacs, MIT, has decided to create a “whites-only” group.

Normally such an action would have sent liberals flying into a mouth-foaming frenzy, but they actually LIKE this idea.

Apparently the group exists to “explore its racist superiority.” In other words, they’re trying to find out more about their white privilege.

According to Campus Reform, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) now has a “White Person’s Accountability Group” to help white people understand their “roles both in perpetuating systemic racism and in dismantling it.”

According to a copy of the group’s mission statement, it was formed in reaction to the notorious “White Privilege Conference,” during which “a mixed-race group of MIT community members” realized “how different their experience had been in the WPC [White Privilege Conference] space and that there was a lot they could do with other white people to dismantle internal and structural racism.”

Drawing on that experience, white members of the group decided to begin holding monthly meetings to “hold one another accountable to advancing racial justice in [their] own personal, institutional, and societal spheres.”

The group has also sought to engage with the school community more broadly, recently hosting a campus-wide event called “But I’m Not Racist!” for white people to “engage with their own identities.”

The “White Person’s Accountability Group” is not seeking recruits, however, explaining that it has intentionally “been kept small” since its purpose is for participants to “share personal experiences and build relationships of accountability with one another.” Instead, members of the group are encouraging their peers to start similar organizations, even providing guidelines on “building an effective white caucus.”

“The purpose of a white caucus is to provide a space where white people can share struggles and challenge each other as they seek to uncover the depths of their internalized racist superiority (IRS) and build their capacity for solidarity with people of color,” the guidelines explain, warning that “as long as IRS goes unrecognized and unchecked by white people, its manifestations will at the least create unhealthy relationships with people of color and eventually make solidarity impossible.”

Don’t you just love how even the “brightest” minds in our nation have been totally bamboozled into this whole “feel guilty for being white” garbage being pushed by both leftists in the realm of higher education and in the media?

They are literally being forced to feel guilty about things they had no control over. Like being born white for instance, or what their ignorant ancestors might have done hundreds of years ago.

It’s ridiculous. How is being punished — or punishing yourself — for the way you were born somehow a noble endeavor?

How is being made to feel bad for something you didn’t actually do going to bring folks of different skin colors together in unity? Isn’t this still elevating one race above the other? That’s not how harmony is achieved. True equality is recognizing all human beings have the same value, not in making someone feel bad for being white or black or brown.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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