Ex-CIA spy makes STUNNING confession about Trump

President Trump has made it clear that one of his big missions as commander in chief is to restore dignity and honor to our nation on the world stage, and part of getting back what Obama lost is creating a strong national defense, including our intelligence community.

Well, it seems he means what he says on this subject, as the new administration recently decided to intervene on behalf of an ex-CIA agent accused of kidnapping a terrorist suspect and was on her way to the big house in Italy.

Here’s the lowdown.

Reuters is reporting, A former U.S. spy, newly pardoned by Italy in connection with the CIA kidnap of a terrorism suspect in Milan, has credited President Donald Trump’s administration with saving her from an Italian jail.

Sabrina de Sousa was transferred between Portuguese prisons and had Italian police flying in to extradite her before being granted an 11th hour reprieve last week, with a former congressman pulling strings for her in Washington.

The 60-year-old is one of 26 people convicted by Italy in absentia over the 2003 abduction of Egyptian cleric Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, but the only one to spend any time in prison for an operation in which she denies involvement.

The dual Portuguese-U.S. citizen says she was abandoned by the previous White House administration in her long fight over the case, which she plans to describe in a book. She thanks Trump’s team for helping her since Portuguese authorities arrested her on Feb. 20 with the intention of sending her to Italy.

“This administration has been absolutely awesome … If the Trump administration didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything, I’m very confident I’d be in an Italian jail,” she told Reuters in an interview.

The fact she claims to be abandoned by the Obama administration isn’t surprising in the slightest. After all, how many Americans were killed by ISIS in the Middle East with absolutely no help from our former commander in chief?

It’s going to take an awful lot to repair the damage that was done over the last eight years, but sticking up for your own people is certainly a great first step.

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