New Coke commercial has conservatives in UPROAR because of ONE scene…

Coca-Cola is one of the America’s best known brands — in fact, in a 1977 study, less than one percent of Americans were unable to identify a bottle of Coke by its shape alone.

However, as much a part of Americana Coke may be – polar bears and Santa notwithstanding — its advertising campaigns of late seem to be pushing progressive Kool-Aid rather than its own bubbly brown beverage.

You might recall the Super Bowl ad from 2014 which featured people from various ethnicities all singing “America the Beautiful” in their native language. While it was meant to celebrate “diversity” many were outraged that it seemed to celebrate division.

Col. West pointed out at the time, “the last thing any of us should want to see is a balkanized America. Furthermore, it has to be of concern that we have Americans who lack the resolve to take a stand for our borders, language, and culture.”

Well, Coke is at it again, this time doing a little “virtue signaling” and celebration of gay culture.

A new TV ad depicts a brother and sister both vying for the attention of a hunky, male pool boy.

There’s a twist at the end as to whom actually gets to him first (hint: MILF).

“Sibling rivalry never looked more inclusive,” Out Magazine said of the commercial that debuted last week. Marketing Week also approved, according to

The ad has no dialog and is one of four in the company’s new global campaign.

“It’s a human story where Coca-Cola plays a key role in the development of the drama,” said Ali Brubaker, senior manager of global brand PR for the company.

“We are managing culturally relevant messages organically within our spots not as the main subject of the story but as sub-text.”

Say what? By the way, since this is part of a “global” campaign, will it air in Saudi Arabia or Iran? No, probably not.

But here in the old U.S. of A. anything goes.

It is of continual interest that homosexuality and the LGBTQ community have risen to the top of the heap of “culturally relevant messages,” considering how small that community actually is.

About 35 percent of the U.S. population is non-white. Less than four percent is gay.

Yet, the gay lobby has done such an outstanding job of promoting itself, Americans actually believe a quarter of the population is gay.

Part of that is the over-representation of the gay community throughout the entertainment field. In fact, a 2015 study released by a gay advocacy group showed that the number of Hollywood films featuring homosexual behavior had risen to an all-time high, with nearly 16 percent of films released in 2014 featuring at least one homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual character.

Surely that number has risen since then. After all, this year’s Best Picture, “Moonlight,” deals with the lead character’s coming of age struggles as a gay black man.

We reported just days ago that even DISNEY is going gay, featuring an “exclusively gay moment” in the live action “Beauty and the Beast” film scheduled to open in just a few days.

Last year, black people complained about the lack of diversity in the film industry and awards with the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. Seems like what they should really be complaining about is #OscarsSoGay.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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