Americans outraged after popular TV show kills off Trump’s entire administration…

The word “tolerance” is a term we consistently hear being tossed around by radical liberals, particularly in the entertainment industry. Yet when it comes to actually putting said principle in practice, there’s much left to be desired.

The latest example of said hypocrisy comes to us through a FOX television series called Last Man on Earth, which killed the entire Trump administration in a recent episode.

Ah, there’s the sweet aroma of tolerance wafting through the halls of culture.

According to Breitbart:

Sunday’s episode of FOX’s post-apocalyptic comedy series The Last Man on Earth imagines a world where President Donald Trump’s entire administration is killed off in a freak occurrence.

The flashback episode, titled “Got Milk,” takes viewers back to beginning of a deadly virus that eventually wipes out most of humanity.

“There’s got to be a vaccine,” Kristen Wiig’s wealthy character Pamela Brinton says to her husband Benjamin. “You mean to tell me, the president of the United State doesn’t have a vaccine?”

Pamela’s obsession over the virus grows after she sees a news broadcast showing a funeral procession for Vice President Mike Pence.

“And there’s the presidential hearse as they head towards Arlington Cemetery. Michael Richard Pence, 46th President of the United States, dead at the age of 61,” the news broadcaster says.

In a morbid sequence, every ranking Republican in the presidential line of succession is dead and their funeral motorcade or caskets are shown in a series of news broadcasts.

“President Paul Davis Ryan, Jr. President Rex Wayne Tillerson. President Steven Turner Mnuchin. President Jeffery Beauregard Sessions. President Betsy DeVos, dead at the age of 61,” the news anchor says.

The episode apparently leaves the fate of President Trump himself up to the viewer to figure out as no details are mentioned during the show.

This seems pretty sick and twisted simply because these people don’t even try to veil their hatred for The Donald and his people, but more or less openly admit they wish they were all dead.

Just imagine what would have happened if a show did this when Obama was elected, and recently sworn into office. There would be riots in the streets egged on by the NAACP, with rallies held by Al Sharpton in hopes of wetting his beak by milking the locals for all their worth.

Funny how that double standard seems to work, isn’t it?

Look, we get it. Hollywood hates Trump. That’s fine. Passionate disagreement is the bedrock of what made America so great to begin with. But a brand new administration? Not getting the benefit of the doubt, or the chance to prove themselves?

Clearly this show has an anti-Trump agenda. Perhaps when its ratings drop even further we’ll see these folks backpedaling to win the viewership they alienated with their corny, sophomoric joke.

Don’t hold your breath…

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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